Friday, December 30, 2011

Tebow Drinks Here......No Gods adopted son isn't a fall down drunk, just energy drinks for this guy!

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If I owned a bar in the Denver area, no, if I owned a bar anywhere in Colorado, no, if I owned a bar in the area of Denver, around Denver, around Colorado even I would be adding Tim Tebow gimmicks constantly. Everything from raffles, Tebow trivia, giveaways, naming part of menu or an item, making drink, and whatever else you can think of to take advantage of the Tebow craze while you can.

The Tim Tebow craze isn't going to last forever Denver. Who knows if he is even going to be with the Broncos next year, or the year after or long-term? Even if he leaves i'm sure he will leave a positive impression so anything Tebow won't hurt but right not it is climbing still and if they make the playoffs behind him it will only grow. 

Get it now while you still can, before the bar down the street beats you to it. This article talks about the "Shag Lounge" which posted "Tebow Drinks Here" on it's sign in big letters outside welcoming patrons to come enjoy a drink where their famous adopted son downs FRS Energy Drinks. It's a great idea but i'd imagine since they didn't change the name at all unless they asked him prior then I bet his PR people let him know it's not the best idea to seemingly promote drinking. With his squeaky clean image of a role model complete with the abstaining from sex until marriage, alcohol just doesn't fit the mold as something i'd suggest.

Kobe was once again Superman

Lakers Beat Knicks AGAIN....

For the 9th straight time the LA Lakers topped the New York Knicks and this one was across the country in LALA Land. Kobe Bryant scored 28 points to push the Lakers to their second consecutive win after starting 0-2 and hearing the talk around shows, radio, newspapers, and fans. It seems like yearly he and the Lakers have to deal with talk of aging pieces and the possibility of a rival surpassing them only to post a solid top 1-2 record in the western conference.

Pau Gasol had 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists to offset Knicks star Amare Stoudemire.  Gasol was able to match his production of 15 points without putting up the awful 4-17 shooting night that Amare did either. The other part of the big 2 for New York, Carmelo Anthony, put in a Knicks high of 28. This was Anthony's first match-up with the Lakers and Kobe since being traded to the Knicks at the end of last year from the Nuggets.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Florida State ends dissapointing season on a high note

Going into halftime the Florida State Seminoles looked overwhelmed, overmatched, outcoached, and their group of freshmen offensive line were almost helpless against the relentless pass rush of Notre Dame. But there is a 2nd half in college football unfortunately for Notre Dame and head coach Brian Kelly. 

After being outscored 7-0 after the first 30 minutes the Seminoles looked like a different team. Notre Dame came out of the tunnel and quickly scored to move the lead to 14-0 but that was the last points the Seminoles would give up.The offensive line that gave up 5 sacks in the first half grew up during the break and came out ready to go and did a great job pass-blocking for athletic QB EJ Manuel. Manuel and Florida State put up 18 straight unanswered points to end the game and finished with an 18-14 hard fought win.

+Joshua Hastings

Red Sox trade leaves Bard stuck in 8th inning role with Andrew Bailey trade

The Boston Red Sox made their biggest roster move yet since losing Jonathan Papelbon to the Phillies with their trade of OF Josh Reddick, IF prospect Miles Head and Minor League Pitcher Ryan Alcantara for All-Star closer Andrew Bailey and OF Ryan Sweeney. 

The centerpieces of this deal were obviously Bailey and Reddick who are both expected to be used heavily with their new major league clubs. Reddick should be looking to fill a starting outfield spot with the A's losing 2 of their starting outfielders already to free agency and the third is not expected back. 

Andrew Bailey has been an all-star twice in 2009 and 2010 after winning the Rookie of the Year vote also. He's young and still in his prime at the age of 27 but has had some injury problems in the past few years after Tommy John Surgery in 2006. He's had minor problems the last two years and had a small procedure after 2010. Look for the Red Sox to go easy with Bailey this Spring after he was possibly asked to do too much too early and had a setback last year to start.

The Red Sox can't afford for Bailey to be missing regular season games while they are rebuilding their relief staff. The Yankees already picked up Hidecki Okajema who was a star with the Sox in their last world series run but has lost some of his deceptiveness now that hitters have seen him several times.

Overall I love this pick-up for the Red Sox and I think it's pretty good for the A's overall also since they are looking to get younger and rebuild again. They are always looking to keep payroll down so Reddick is certainly a great pickup after the last year he had in a reserve and fill-in roll for the struggling JD Drew.

+Joshua Hastings

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another year another coach says goodbye to Edwards.

Don't look now but that talented, controversial, maligned receiver Braylon Edwards has been released by the San Francisco 49ers football team

Edwards had surgery on his right knee earlier in the year and that has limited his time to work with quarterback Alex Smith to develop that relationship that it takes to really connect in the NFL on broken plays and such, the kind of relationship that you see with players like Manning and Reggie Wayne. That's believable, and i'm sure the rehab has hurt his ability to build that trust with teammates, coaches, and everyone else on the new team but still.

In Edwards short career he has bounced around from team to team and def hasn't gotten rave reviews on his way out the door. I understand the injuries are out of his control, but he's a guy that has always brought with him the whispers about dedication and work ethic. Well, don't dedication and work ethic include preparing for when you take the field too? Getting to the stadium a few hours early so you can get all of the stretching in before the rest of the pregame drills with the coaches and team is something that's important. Working out with the trainer to really build up your core muscles to prime condition so that way your at a lesser risk for injuries is another part of being a NFL player, making it to the highest levels of competition in the world.

You can't take shortcuts if you want to really be something in those leagues here in the U.S. I don't personally know for a fact what the situation is surrounding this particular injury. I don't know whether he was handling the little things to make sure he was in top physical condition. Maybe he was the leader at off-season workouts and was making it into the gym first everyday and putting in twice the work at rehab and this was just bad luck? I'm just saying there's some questions that maybe we should ask when a player that's shown so much talent and ability in flashes can't stick on a team? Why a player that showed domination at times against the best players in the world, and then against a 3rd string cornerback comes up with 1 catch for 9 yards?

I loved watching Braylon Edwards when he played at Michigan. He used to come up with 1 or 2 HUGE plays EVERY SINGLE GAME, and it wasn't like he had an NFL quarterback making pinpoint passes. It was Edwards making highlight reel catches, keeping the Wolverines relavent as they were losing group more and more to Ohio State.

Edwards needs a coach that is going to put him in the spots to thrive on a team with a proven quarterback. He needs a quarterback that is going to not baby him when he misses a team meeting or drops a pass, he's gotta know when he's in the wrong spot, he's got to hear in from his quarterback when he drops a pass but he needs that quarterback to take him aside after and show him where he's got to be. A quarterback that he's close with off the field so they can build that trust, build that bond, so that on gameday they are on the same page.

Let's hope Edwards can find a home on an NFL team......and stop just renting apartments.

+Joshua Hastings

Thursday, December 22, 2011

These Heels are just fine with being the team that just keeps winning while staying anonymous

It seems like this season has mirrored last in some ways down in Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Tar Heels, especially with all-american small forward Harrison Barnes. Barnes came to the Tar Heels with plenty of hype and acclaim as the #1 ranked freshmen in the country, and also became the first freshmen EVER voted to be a pre-season all-american. That in itself is a big accomplishment, and some thought that after the first 1/3 of the season they must've got an impostor.

 Harrison Barnes wasn't playing like himself, he looked like his confidence dropped more and more with every miss, was settling for shots, and was not only soft with the ball but he even looked nervous on the court, like he couldn't get comfortable with something. Even the local media that wrote those worshipping articles and continued to tout his ability with stories and stories saying, just wait, its coming, soon, you'll see..... couldn't build a relationship that could bring the real Barnes out of his shell. 

Some looking on thought he didn't get along with teammates, must be unhappy if he wasn't laughing and joking around like everyone else. But that was just it, Barnes isn't like everyone else, Barnes is a basketball junkie and even the most refined and expensive machines get bugs that need adjusting sometimes. While Barnes continued to put in hours and hours of work behind the scenes on the court instead of playing vids in his dorm room he gradually got the feel back and then the Dean Dome was the same sanctuary that his gym was back home in Iowa. He got his edge back and finally opponents started to pay when they tried to pressure him, easy buckets at the foul line caused foul trouble and more easy looks outside and by the end of the year and throughout the NCAA tournament Harrison Barnes carried North Carolina.

 Give it time, your going to see Barnes back in form again, even if it takes half the damn season, YOU WILL SEE HARRISON BARNES THAT ALL US TAR HEEL FANS KNOW AND CHEERED THE MOMENT HE DECLINED THE URGE TO GO TO THE NBA. The recent news is that he lost ground to Perry Jones and that has lost him position and money ect ect....Just wait, every GM that passes on Harrison Barnes is going to pay for it,...and that payment will be coming out of those checks for years to come, well, until they get fired for all that hurt Mr. Barnes is going to put on them on the court!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Patriots path to Superbowl get harder with another injury

Defensive end Andre Carter is a veteran that came in with questions about his age, declining ability and how effective of a player he would be at this late juncture of his solid NFL career. It's possible the Patriots could be moving him to the Injured Reserve list as early as today with the news and statement from Carter's agent that he will be undergoing surgery for "a quad related injury". That's about as specific as your ever going to get out of a Patriots player, coach, staff, all the way up to executives and ownership. Per coach Bill Belichick, his players and staff know to keep it vague when it comes to everything Patriots, whether it's injuries, playing time, opponents, or the game plan throughout his iconic career, "THE HOODIE" has made a point to run a tight ship.

Carter has been by far the Patriots top pass rusher this season with 10 sacks through 13 games reaching double digits which is something of a rarity for the team from Foxborough. The need for pressure on the quarterback has been a constant problem for the Patriots over the past few years and many thought they would look to fill the void with their array of draft picks this past year. When Belichick chose to instead take 2 different running backs. Shane Vereen and Ras-I Dowling have both experienced injuries throughout the year and at my vantage point have been disappointing in their debut season. 

The Patriots found a bright spot with their signing of the veteran Andre Carter though. He has been a fantastic leader and strong voice in the locker room and has set a great example with his work ethic and attitude for the young guys to follow on defense. The Pats are in the middle of reshaping the defensive side of the ball with their youth movement and has some solid pieces in Jerod Mayo, Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington. 

Even on the offensive side of the ball where many questioned the picks of 2 more tight-ends to a team that already had a couple the Patriots are showing just how smart they are. With the record setting season of Rob Gronkowski for touchdowns for a tight end in only his 2nd season and the other pick Aaron Hernandez totaling 9 catches for over 120 yards against the Broncos these 2 guys have showed just how valuable they are. Not that Bill needs to hear it from you or me but GREAT PICKS BIG GUY.

Just as an example here are the first 2 comments listed from fans when I clicked on the ESPN story:

Andre Carter comes across with so much dignity and class in his interviews. Easy to see why his teammates respect him so much. And this is in addition to what he does on the field! Hopefully, he will spend as much time as he can with the team and continue to offer support and leadership.
Andre, get well soon and come on back. You're a class act and a big part of the team.

+Joshua Hastings 

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th 2011 in NBA Headline News

Peja Stojakovic will not be playing this year and has decided to retire

In the wake of Jeff Green finding out about his aortic aneurysm the Boston Celtics and coach Doc Rivers is talking about the positive over the negative. Doctors don't think the problem will be life threatening so it's possible to look forward to his return eventually but don't start the countdown just yet, this will be a drawn out process to evaluate and assess exactly what is the best way to go about everything.

Do everything small forward Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks has been listening to ALL of this NBA news everyday. It's been such a short period to get ready that free agency, trades and practice for teams has been full of surprises. The one thing that Marion doesn't think he's hearing quite enough of....respect for the title holder! At this point I think he's right that there hasn't been much talk but I don't understand why he cares. Last year they believed in themselves and as a team rallied together and took on the world together and then in the end, they were the last team standing, TOGETHER, WITHOUT GETTING MUCH RESPECT STILL! If I was on the Mavs, i'd want to just go about our business, have a solid regular season and keep all of our veterans healthy and then get ready for a deep run hopefully.

+Joshua Hastings

Hope you didn't take this one off cause it was such a gimme, thought it wasn't even worth watching the "beating"

Well, personally I didn't see this one coming. To be completely honest I thought that the Packers were pretty much going to go all out through 3 quarters for the rest of the regular season, this game and then 2 more at home. I figured they would have enough of a lead in each, in order, Chiefs, Bears, Lions by the end of the 3rd beginning of the 4th that the starters could get a little rest and start getting their minds right for the Superbowl run.....and if I had to pick one game that would be an upset, a game that would end their bid for a perfect regular season and then continued complete perfect entire season including playoffs, THIS WOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE THE GAME THEY WOULD LOSE. Shit, I didn't think the Chiefs had a chance to be within 30 by the end of the first half basically. 

The Kansas City Chiefs came ready to play. I don't know whether it was the fact that they had an undefeated team coming to their home field at Arrowhead stadium with a chance to knock them off and do what no other team could do in the last 19 straight games. I don't know whether it was because they talked up this game as a chance for a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season since the loss of Matt Cassell. Or I don't know whether they rallied behind their temporary coach for the remainder of the season because they're head coach Todd Haley got fired just this past week. For whatever reason though, the Chiefs came to play on the defensive side of the ball, and that defense held one of the best offenses of all-time to a total of only 14 points. THAT'S RIGHT, THE CHIEFS HELD THE PACKERS TO 14. It's not much of something to yell about when you put up 19 on that Packers defense, but to hold reigning NFL MVP of the Superbowl Aaron Rodgers to only 2 touchdowns for his offense your def doing something right.

Overall it was 4 field goals and a score of a touchdown in the 4th quarter for the Chiefs and a single touchdown in the 3rd and 4th quarters each for the Green Bay Packers who said after the game they weren't even sure how to feel....."it was the first time they have lost in 19 games". That spanned nearly an entire year for them, and many players simpily said, "it sucks". Well, next week against the Bears they'll have their chance to take their frustrations out on the conferance rival, but with a look towards the playoffs just a few weeks away I'd be careful with letting Brian Urlacher get too many shots with his speed and power to put a hit on Rodgers and blow up their hopes for a title run.....

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wow. Thank God. FINALLY. Phew it's over with. Now stop asking about the losing streak and if we are EVER going to win a game again.

Those are all different things that the Indianapolis Colts players could have been thinking or saying after their first win of the entire football season in week 14 finally, against the Tennessee Titans and Matt Hasselbeck.

Personally, I thought the Colts were going to win either this game or one of their last 2. You've always got a chance when you play a backup quarterback and next week the Colts match-up against the Texans and their somewhere around 4th choice at QB. Their final game is against the Jaguars who typically give the Colts a hard time, but maybe that is a Manning thing. Now i'm ABSOLUTELY NOT SAYING THE COLTS ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT PEYTON OR HAVE A BETTER SHOT AT BEATING ANYONE. But, the Jaguars and Titans play the Colts tough because of their defense. They typically have tight games against Peyton Manning and it comes down to the end. That's why I figured they would have a chance at one of those final 3 games.

Lastly, a team really does rarely go winless for the entire season. I am 28 and can't remember it happening since I have been watching football, or at least since i've been old enough to really pay attention and follow pro ball. At the end of the season playoff teams start resting players so teams are getting to play against 3rd and 4th string sometimes. Players that do play don't go all out because they want to stay healthy for the playoff run. Then again, that's EXACTLY when players get hurt. When your trying to go half speed or not really playing is when your going to pull something, or get leveled by someone your not looking for, all because it's not how your used to playing, your body isn't used to going at 30%. When during the year are you doing that? Probably not even in practice really.

As for the game it was controlled by the defense for the majority of the first half with the Colts the only team scoring in the first quarter and that was a field goal at the later stages. The second quarter was all the Titans as they managed to tie the Colts and then finish the half with twice as many total points as Indianapolis, halftime score of 6-3 with the Titans on top.

In the 2nd half the Colts managed to score twice in the third quarter with Orlovsky throwing a touchdown and then the Titans Hasselbeck getting picked off by the Colts and then it getting returned for a touchdown. That was all the Colts would need but they put up a touchdown and another field goal in the 4th while Tennessee could only manage one touchdown, and that was their only TD of the entire game.

+Joshua Hastings

STOP THE MADNESS!!!! If you thought if was gonna continue you were more then @ MILE HIGH

It may have taken a lot longer then a lot of people thought. It spanned the course of 6 straight games and in just that streak Tim Tebow had engineered an amazing 4 straight 4th quarter comebacks. A lot of people didn't think Tebow could win 6 games all year, let alone 6 straight games with 3 of the last 4 coming against the Jets, Chargers and Bears. All of which were thought of to be playoff teams possibly challenging for the superbowl at the start of this crazy season.

New England made sure that they didn't have to hear anymore of this invincible, god is on his side, he's been "touched" Tebow talk anymore.....well at least not in regards to how THEY couldn't stop him. Maybe the rest of the NFL isn't ready for Tim Tebow and the spread option attack but the Patriots put up 41 points on what was considered a solid defense, and also talked about being the main reason that the Broncos were able to stay close in all those games, and staying close is what enabled Tebow to manufacture all of those crazy comebacks.

Tebow and the Broncos offense had one of those games that can't really be explained by anything other then the fact that the final score really was just about what it should have been if not for people considering this recent hot streak. The Broncos scored on their first 3 offensive possessions for a total of 16 points and then managed only 1 more touchdown the rest of the game. 

The Patriots capitalized on 2 2nd quarter turnovers and put up 20 in that period to go with the touchdown they scored in each other quarter. Once again Brady and his machine pumped out another impressive outing, while continuing too add to Aaron Hernandez's record and amazing statistical season. This time he had 9 catches for 127 yards and only 1 score. Now he has put himself solidly in the lead for most touchdowns in a season total by a tight end. Remember the Patriots still have 2 more regular season games to go, and until the completely wrap things up, don't expect Bellichek to let this finely turned machine he has get out of sync.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Once upon a time the Colts got lucky and drafted far they're bad enough to get Luck-y again!

Whether it's God, Lady Luck, A Reward for the Loyal Fans of Indianapolis who have still managed to not only waste the gas, food+drinks, and the 4-5 hours they will never get back but the "professional" product representing their beloved Colts is an impostor. It HAS to be. They have definately been spoiled a little. Ok, A LOT. But can everyone now admit that Manning is the definition of Most Valuable Player? It's not best, or biggest statistical numbers put up, it's which player has provided the most value over the course of a year. Well, with basically the same offense and defense give or take a couple players each way Manning continually and almost robotic-ally won 12-14 games year after year after year after year and we now see what that same explosive offense looks like without the Puppet-tier under center.

 In comparison think back to that brutal injury Tom Brady suffered a few years ago against the Chiefs that ended his season before it really even started.  In came Matt Cassell and his 0 starts in the last 4 or 5 years yet at the end of the season when the dust settled the Pats still got over 10 wins I believe. Now, this isn't an MVP discussion though, I'm just giving a little background as to why Colts Nation cause hibernate till the second week of the playoffs every year.

I keep hearing about this phenom, can't miss is thrown around by talking heads who couldn't explain half the darn rules, best since Elway....You get the idea and i'm sure you have either heard it too or have been saying it too. Let's hold off on ordering the limo for his ride to Canton ok? (That's where the Hall of Fame is incase you didn't know) The last time I remember all of this hype was with that San Diego Chargers #1 pick that was fantastic right up until he took his first NFL snap. Ten of Millions spent on a signing bonus that ended up feeding that unemployed Ex-NFL Quarterback and his pain killer habit. His name was Ryan Leaf.

I wish Ryan Luck all the success in the world, personally I haven't got to watch much of him since he is on the west coast playing for Stanford so I can't really give my personal take. I just think everyone should pause and think about what your so willing to throw away before that first ballot hall of famer named Peyton Manning is out the door and across the line of scrimmage picking your defense apart. I know it was serious neck surgery. I know he was out almost the entire year now already. I also know that no one in the world will work harder or smarter then Peyton Manning to get back on that field and right about now, he's hearing all of this Andrew Luck talk and it's pushing him even harder....I know i'm not betting against #12 for the Colts.

+Joshua Hastings
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Riverhead school district avoids possible violence+rioting in the aftermath of hoodlums "Tebowing"

Riverhead school superintendent Nancy Carney has said she supports the administrations handling of discipline in regards to the "Tebowing" incident that nearly overtook school hallways. In what could have turned into a scary situation when these rebels began their rein of terror upon their school. As more and more of these local outlaws began to join in the debauchery the administration was forced to step in and quickly hand out suspensions before they had to take the next obvious step of declaring it a state of emergency, putting the entire school or at least that quadrant where those hooligans were "Tebowing" into lock-down so the swat team could assist the local police in their riot gear. 

It would seem that they probably wouldn't be able to invade the area if the outlaws were still summoning the powers of "Tebow", it would clearly be too much positive energy for the tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbags, and pepper spray to overcome. Thankfully, we had this administration on top of things and were not forced to start racking up the causalities. Who know's how many of these reckless animals they would have had to put down before order could be restored.

Ok, now clearly I have made a joke of it, it's something that was getting annoying i'm sure, but it's just kids being kids, no one was getting hurt, this wasn't picking on anyone.

Firstly, now guys, the first few times that first day, i'm sure it was funny. Probably were the talk of the whole school, girls were laughing, everyone was looking out their classrooms to see what you guys were doing ect ect. Well, by the 2nd day it was starting to get old i'm sure and by the 3rd day more and more of the random kids at school starting following in you guys steps because your the "cool football players". 40 kids kneeling inbetween classes is way too much, someone could trip and get hurt, I don't know about the whole "RIOT" that your superintendent had talked about but still....cut the shit, it's over.

Next, SCHOOL: Come on. Seriously? This is the most pressing thing going on? There arn't any bullies? No hazing going on with ANY of your teams? Problems with cheating on tests? How many of your students are drinking so far? how about experimenting with drugs?

All i'm saying is, if this is really one of the more serious things that happens this year at your school, WOW, I'M SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED. I'd like to think about sending my child wherever the hell that is someday. Many schools are dealing with the kind of problems I asked about. And I mean A LOT.  Actually, a lot of high schools have all those problems at once. Again, just ease up a little, talk to their parents, their coaches, make sure they know if it keeps happening then your going to have to suspend them. I bet their coach can come up with something a hell of a lot worse then staying home from school for a day. Just think about it.

+Joshua Hastings

Sunday, December 11, 2011

SURPRISE! Once again Satan's little helper is at it again!

In the days leading up to "the decision", NO NOT THAT DECISION LAST YEAR, I'M TALKING ABOUT COMMISSIONER GODDELL'S DECISION ON HOW TO PUNISH JAMES HARRISON, talking heads on sports shows, radio, newspaper articles, websites, and blogs have given their take on what they think is fair, not only what they think should happen but what they think will happen. Well, the time came and now we have the verdict from the only opinion that really matters, Roger Goddell. The commissioner decided to levy a 1 game suspension without pay for Harrison's most recent helmet to helmet hit on Colt McCoy. 

Colt suffered his first concussion on the play to our knowledge and is still experiencing symptoms such as dizzyness, headaches and sensitivity to bright light. He's not practising with the Browns yet and is currently under the supervision of the teams medical staff working to get back on the field as soon as possible. This just shows how tough this Texas Boy really is. Just think, he didn't even remember the game when asked about it during post-game interviews yet he sat out only 2 snaps before jumping up and getting back out there to help his team. Watch the impact of that hit one more time and then if there was any doubt in your mind about what a great teammate McCoy is, there won't be anymore. 

Harrison has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines over the past few years and has constantly butted heads with commissioner Goddell over nearly ever topic possible. Harrison even went as far as to say he wouldn't piss on Goddell if he was on fire. Now, tell me how smart you think it is to say that to the guy that will be deciding a variety of important decisions for not only you, but your teammates, coach, and team throughout the year.

It just shows Harrisons lack of committment to his teammates when he continue's to say over and over that he's not going to change, and he's always tackled this way, he was tought to tackle like that and no one is going to change him now. Well, now he's out for the next game. The Steelers already may be without injured Ben Roethlisberger and now are going to be missing one of the best defensive players in the game just out of defiance it seems.

Smartin up James, this is a team sport its not just about you anymore, pay your fine and get back on the field after an apology and a little speech where you let everyone know you won't let them down again!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mark Cuban tries to build Championship Mavs2.0 with same blueprint

At this point it looks like the Mavericks will go with last years backup Brendon Heywood to replace Tyson Chandler who is now a New York Knick. There shouldn't be much of a dropoff in offensive production in any real noticeable way but where that could really show up is on the defensive end and in the locker room where Chandler has a reputation for accountability and intensity. When he walks into the Knicks locker room he may want to bring in some visual aides like graphs, photos, and some video maybe because no one has confused any of the recent New York teams with anything resembling a hard nosed get in your face defensive squad. Put it this way, your more likely to see the Knicks out on the break 5-0 with the entire team cheating then have all 5 players in the paint on the glass when a shot goes up.

Where Mark Cuban is getting creative is by trying to reunite his all-star point guard with the once high-flying, shot taking, if he's hot shot making, slam dunk champion, Vince Carter. At this point in his career Carter isn't anywhere near the player he once was when he played for the Raptors or the Nets while winning that amazing slam dunk contest. Injuries have ravaged him of his signature athleticism and leaping ability but he still can make shots and would be a great addition for a spark off the bench possibly.

What do you guys think???

Say your offered $14 million to work for the next 5 years guaranteed, sound acceptable to you???

Well, it sounds more then ok to me, it sounds like a dream come true, add in the fact that my "job" would be pitching in the A.L. East against teams like the Yankees and Red Sox and I don't even think I could dream it. Then again, i'm not Matt Moore.

Matt Moore is a left-handed pitcher who at last count was ranked as the 2nd best prospect in  the entire minor leagues to only phenom Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. Moore dominated both double a and triple a with ease last year and was called up with much of the same expectations and same type of results. Between double A and triple A his record was 12-3 with a 1.92 ERA. Then pitched 10 innings in the ALDS against the Texas Rangers only allowing 1 earned run.

The total contract actually includes 3 additional years that are team options with escalator clauses attached to games started along with innings pitched and including those years the contract could jump up to just over $40 million. Pretty good for a kid that will be entering only his 2nd major league season. The deal is a record for the largest amount of guaranteed dollars and potential dollars for a player with less then 2 years service time.

Another great story of the Rays building their team from within and locking up talent early before players start testing arbitration and free agency. Could be another talented young staff of pitchers ready to have a break-out season. Who knows, it could happen again, watch out Red Sox and Yankees, here come the Rays.....AGAIN!

Continuing knee problems forcing Blazers star to call it quits

With so many huge stories coming out daily, hourly, seemingly nearly every other minute in the sports world maybe this one got lost in the shuffle a little but for a promising young career to end is sad. The way that it ended though makes it a step beyond sad, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more genuine, respectful, professional player. 

Through the rehab, comeback, losing his starting job, the wins, the loses, the whispers, the articles, the questions and then repeat Brandon Roy has continued to support his teammates, say the right things(99%) of the time, and come in and give a spark off the bench when his number was called. At this point in his career there no longer is an explosive, athletic, bruising sharpshooter that could post up any guard the defense threw at him or shoot that smooth jumpshot over the bigs that were too slow to guard him. For a reason we will never know many of the qualities that made him a star have been robbed from him seemingly all at once when the problems began. 

We all kept hoping that with his hard work and dedication of course he'd come back, maybe even better then ever, why not? Look how hard he was working, he's doing everything asked of him and more! He's doing all that rehab work and still cheering on his team every night, waving a towel on big plays, guiding the younger players who were holding his spot in the lineup. Who would've thought that he was guiding the men who would eventually replace him for good? 

My best wishes go out to Brandon Roy, you really were one of my favorite players and I loved watching you in that last playoff game. We all got to see why you were so loved by coaches and players. Shooting that silky smooth jumper, throwing dagger after dagger and still smiling, that's how i'll remember Roy, how about you??

Thursday, December 8, 2011

With the news tonight that the LA Angels didn't just sign the biggest bat and one of the best hitters of all time, Albert Puljos, but they also went out and signed the best pitcher available sans the previously eligable CC Sabathia, in CJ Wilson. Between the two signings they now have spent $331.5 million on free agency in less then 24 hours and are widely considered the big winner across MLB.

Albert Puljos signed for 10 years and $254 million dollars, has a lifetime batting average of .328 and has 445 career home runs. His BA dropped to a career low .299 this past season and also didn't top 100 RBI's for the first time when he batted in 99 with 37 home runs. Some are skeptical if it's wise to give a 31 year old hitter who just previously posted his worst statistical season a 10 year contract but Puljos has a track record that spans over a decade, has proven himself in the clutch and playoffs and will be hitting several major milestones during this next contract that could help the Angels supplement his salary such as his 500th and 600th home run and possibly many more if his body holds up along with others. 

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CJ Wilson signed for 5 years and $77.5 million and posted a record of 16-7 this past season while having a 2.94 Earned Run Average per 9.0 innings pitched over high league and career high 34 starts with the Texas Rangers. Wilson made his first career all-star team this past year in only his 2nd season starting full-time with the Rangers after coming out of the bullpen previously for them. It's significant to note that the Angels are division rivals of the Rangers and it shouldn't be lost on everyone that he took less money then he was previously offered by the Miami Marlins to sign with them.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jose Reyes was just introducted as the biggest(and most expensive) free agent signing ever but is this the right play?

Jose Reyes hasn't even officially been on the Marlins for 24 hours and it's already shaping up to be a rocky start because of incumbant all-star shortstop Hanley Ramirez. The way the Marlins went about aggressively persuing and then signing Reyes it looks as if they didn't cover all their bases(pardon the pun, sorry). The way they've responded it looks like they didn't expect any real problem with having to move Hanley to 3rd, now it's pretty clear they should have. 

Ramirez is now pretty clear in his desire to continue to play shortstop and with Reyes just signing a contract for over 100 million I doubt they are going to make him fit into another position when he's clearly a defensive upgrade over Ramirez and this past year even batted better...but in the long-run i'd think that the batting numbers will even off or show Ramirez ahead as long as he continues to develop the amazing raw talent that saw him playing full time in mlb from such a young age.

Now, if you read the link and the comments just about fans from every team in baseball can think of some trade to take Mr. Ramirez off the Marlins hands and are more then happy to put him at shortstop whether it means moving their all-star already there or not. I saw one that suggested the red sox trade Adrian Gonzalez AND the Red Sox top minor leaguer. I can promise you this, the red sox won't be trading gonzalez ANY TIME SOON, and sure as hell not for a error prone shortstop(with a over .300 lifetime BA or not). Especially when they have a kid that's coming up within the next year possibly thats already an above average major league player in the field. 

Would I like the sox to trade for him? Sure, I say maybe Youkilis and some prospects and then put Lowrie at 3rd and we've got our bridge until our prospect pans out, or if Ramirez straightens out his swing we can always re-sign him and have a gold glove prospect to trade, either way is cool with me. But wait, this is ALL SPECULATION! Would teams want Hanley? Absolutely! But, the Marlins are going to try and just hope that he gets comfortable with 3rd and winning some games pacifies him a little before they trade a big piece of their future. But we can always dream right guys?

+Joshua Hastings

Buehrle in and Puljos out in a span of 29 minutes.....

It took 29 minutes between the espn report surfacing that the Marlins were prepared to move on from Albert Puljos since he hasn't accepted there latest serious offer and the announcement by espn that confirmed Mark Buehrle has signed to be a veteran leader on a staff with many young and developing possible stars in the making.

While Buehrle is no where near the star that Puljos is, what Buehrle can do is take the ball and pitch every 5th day and give you a solid 200+ innings of work, 12-14 wins and a great guy in the clubhouse. I initially didn't believe the Miami Marlins were serious about signing Puljos but after the last few days I can see that they are really trying to be competitive with the big names in MLB and put a winner on the field for the fans. This is really the first time they have went out tried to bring in a free agent.

A for effort so far Miami and as far as actual results i'd have to say B as of now. Jose Reyes would have been a fantastic pick-up if you had spoken to incumbent all-star shortstop, Hanley Ramirez. Without Ramirez on board and all-in the team isn't going to be serious contenders. He's the longest tenured player on the team and is the best position player by far as well as offensive leader. I'd imagine that he'll have a quick transition to 3rd base once he sits back and thinks about everything and embraces it. A little bit of stroking his ego and letting him know that you still love him and no one is replacing him, they are just trying to give him some help. He'll be happy with the move eventually, we hope.

What do you think, does Ramirez have a right to be mad or is he being selfish and the Marlins didn't have to run anything by him, they are the owners and he is a player.

UPDATE: Miami Marlins getting the first bit of bad news

Wait, so your telling me that the best player on your team, their "Super-star", only player that the team has EVER signed longterm with a significant contract(at a bargain price none the less), who is a 3 time all-star and bats over .300 lifetime does not want to change his position as he's entering the prime of his baseball career for a new guy you just brought in and paid somewhere around $30-$40 million more then him??? REALLY?> NO WAY! Typical baseball executives.

An espn writer has touched on this before in another article i've read also but i'll reiterate. How is it that you don't have this private conversation with your centerpiece before making this move? I understand your motives for wanting to sign Reyes but Ramirez is still young and already a seasoned veteran, at least show him the respect of talking to him face to face and explaining how important he is to the team and WHY you want to make the move. As of now from what i'm hearing, I know basically just as much as Hanley Ramirez. That shouldn't even be a statement that's close to reality if you really did value Ramirez. 

If Hanley Ramirez really was ok with it like you supposedly figured he'd be, then he would've came out before even being asked and said "i'd love for the team to sign Jose Reyes, he's a great player and I can't wait to get back to baseball. You'll be seeing the best left side of the infield in baseball for the next decade maybe." He'd of called Reyes on the phone and been recruiting him to play in Miami with him and help him build a winner again. None of this happened and now we get THIS.

I hope it eventually works out but who knows. We have all seen what an unhappy player in a dugout can do to a good team. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. It's looking like a good start for the Miami Marlins, now maybe it's time for a owner, manager and Super-star to have a nice little steak dinner with a big plate of ass-kissing for dessert before we get into a big problem down the line, these guys got to play together for the next 5 or 6 years hopefully!

Personally, i'm a red sox fan and although trading him brought us a championship and i'd do it over and over a million times, i'd love the shot to get him back. He would've been great at short with those great sox line-ups and still developing, crazy to think about....

+Joshua Hastings