Saturday, November 26, 2011


North Carolina's 5th game of the year had the same outcome as the previous 4, a Tar Heels win. The game was never really in doubt as Carolina established themselves at both ends of the court holding South Carolina to only 62 points while putting up 87 themselves. Harrison Barnes was his usual self scoring 21 points followed by sharpshooting freshman P.J. Hairston who connected on 5/8 3's for 19 points. Jon Henson continued his solid start putting up 18 points and grabbing 8 rebounds while once again shooting over 50% controlling the paint. Henson only had 1 block uncharacteristically but his length and presence alone changes shots that don't show up in the box score.

The player that made a lot of that scoring possible, both on the break and in the half court sets is Kendall Marshall, one of the best point guards in the country. Marshall only scored 4 points in his team leading 32 minutes but he controlled the game, kept the tempo in North Carolina's favor and dished out 14 assists and most importantly only had 1 TURNOVER!

The season could very well come down to how well the Tar Heels can control the tempo and make outside shots. Down the line the better teams that can match up inside are going to pack it in and make Carolina make shots and if this game is any indication, they will. Hairston putting in five 3's is HUGE for a team that needs a shooter and at this point he's coming off the bench. That's some big pop from one of your first subs and the other big substitution is heralded freshman James McAdoo who hasn't quite put up big numbers but is still adjusting to the college game and has a long career ahead of him. Many think he will end up a big-time player and if he opts to come back for his softmore year, he'll slide into that leadership/rebounding/scoring role that should develop more as the year rolls on.


+Joshua Hastings

Friday, November 25, 2011

A game that could put the finishing touches on a perfect regular season, A game that could propel Arkansas to the championship game if their offense could move the ball against one of the top defense's in all of college football and some say of all time, A game that could end that dream the Razorbacks had or rewrite all of LSU's wins by making them utterly meaningless.

LSU played an uninspired first half of football where the vaunted defense kept them close enough and the Razorbacks could only manage a 14 point edge at the half. Then it happened. It was like someone told the Tigers that there was a spot in THE big game on the line here, bang, they outscored Arkansas 41-3 in the second half. Now THAT is how you go into your conference title game, THAT is how you cement your place in THE BIG GAME, The Championship, THAT IS HOW YOU SEND YOUR SENIORS OFF THEIR LAST REGULAR SEASON GAME!

It all came down to 2 SEC teams like it often does. This year once again the SEC is BY FAR the most dominant league with the possibility of sending Alabama and LSU to the championship game even though a "rematch" is often frowned upon if other close options are possible. At this point it's hard to imagine another group that has earned their place in that title game then those of LSU/Alabama.

Now it's time to see what the BCS does with all of the craziness that has surrounded college football the last few weeks with top 5 teams falling fast and watching their title hopes crash and burn.



+Joshua Hastings

"The Great One" back on the ice AGAIN???

SUMMARY: In what would have been a sight for sore eyes, and a chance for another generation of hockey enthusiasts to see perhaps the greatest player to have EVER LIVED the NHL and NY Rangers owner Glen Sather contacted Wayne Gretzky to ask him to play in the 2012 "Winter Classic"- Alumni Game, which will be held December 31 in Philadelphia.

It had been reported that Gretzky already had plans with his family but until now it was still under consideration, at least in the prayers of many, there was HOPE! I personally was young when he was still on the ice and didn't follow hockey at that point, I was hoping I could see just how graceful "THE GREAT ONE" was, even years past his prime many think he could still hang with the guys on the ice instead of making personnel moves about those guys which he had been doing in Phoenix for the Coyotes the past few years.

As of today the Coyotes owe between $8 and $9 million dollars of his contract with the team when he was fired in 2010. They have continued to default on that obligation and mediation talks with Coyotes team owner Jerry Moyes last Tuesday with the NHL who has a lawsuit pending that was filed in March 2010. Sources told that those talks have not gone smoothly so they may have their day in court, who knows?

MY TAKE: Growing up around sports my whole life I heard thousands and thousands of stories of the men who played the game the "right" way, guys who were "tougher then anyone playing today", guys who didn't need half the protection that players have now, and that was for all sports. Look at baseball, football, and hockey for instance. Over the last 40 years there have been astronomical changes in both the rules/game and in the equipment both mandatory and optional.

I have a framed photo hanging right next to me in my office that was signed by Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe, in it both going for a loose puck. They don't have those leather helmets you see in the old black and white football games, not even the half shell helmets, THEY ARE NOT WEARING ANYTHING BUT THE HAIR ON TOP OF THE HEAD. Just think about that for a minute, these guys played 20 years in the league, taking and giving a beating night in and night out. Just playing in that many professional games would compound the wear and tear on your body, joints, ect many times over but add in the fights, checks, and it's even more incredible. These men had careers just like gretzky, careers that spanned decade after decade.

It's a tribute to each of them to be considered one of the greatest to ever skate but to many Gretzky was just at a different level because of his uncanny ability to score, and score in bunches. I can still remember today a time I was looking through some hockey cards but I didn't really know who was good and who was bad so I'd just go by their points totals and keep the ones that had over 40 points or something. I had to read the card about 5 times when I scanned Gretzky's. I couldn't believe it said over 100. Out of the 30 packs I opened I had NEVER seen that. I ran upstairs to show my dad the misprint I found thinking it would be a valuable collectible and it was. Only it was a valuable collectible for a different reason, because that was my introduction to who "The Great One" was!

All in all I just really think it would have been cool to get to see the man that really reinvented hockey in the US skate again. I have several signed jerseys of Gretzkys and a few framed photos signed too and seeing that game would have been just another step in my admiration of "The Great One".

+Joshua Hastings

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That defensive Coor/Pedophile brought the King down with him and now more of his dirty secrets seep out

Summary: Vicky Triponey was the Penn State standards and conduct officer from 2002-2007 which basically meant she oversaw the diciplinary process and was presented with both sides of the case when it was alleged that a student broke the schools code of conduct. Over time she felt she got less and less support from the president of the university Graham Spanier, which was the other casualty of the latest Penn State scandal with Paterno. This all came out after the Wall Street Journal obtained an email correspondence between the president and Triponey where she's basically told that Paterno feels he should be the one making decisions about his players and soon after there was a meeting which became heated and she was told the football players cases need to be resolved in a way that doesn't involve reporting the outcome to the public or the authorities so as not to effect their practice or playing in games.

My Take: For the Standards and Conduct Officer at any perrenial big-time college campus to have any real ability to level the playing field for all students they need to know they have the full support of the President, the board of trustees, and the athletic director. All students should know that she can't be swayed by a coach's email or by some donor asking a favor, they need to know that her ruling is FINAL AND IT HAS TEETH, if found guilty of a serious offense they will be suspended from school, kicked off team, suspended games, something that will actually show them they did something wrong. It's ridiculous when you have these players getting away with varying offenses of crimes and other violations of the code of conduct and they get "written warning" or community service for 4 hours and some coach signs off that they did it or whatever. Who does that teach a lesson to? Yeah maybe it teaches the football players something, teaches them that they are not accountable for their actions and as long as they continue to show the ability on the field they can do whatever they want off it.....

There is also an ESPN outside the lines segment they did which had Ms. Triponey on and she didn't get into specific violations by the football team but did say there were SEVERAL SERIES offenses committed and espn's staff investigated pennsylvania public records and found that between 2002-2008 there were 42 different players arrested and a total of 163 counts against them on those charges. 42 DIFFERENT PLAYERS ARRESTED???? 163 CRIMES????? THATS A 6 YEAR PERIOD PEOPLE, I FIGURE A LOT OF THESE ATHLETE FACTORIES WILL TURN THEIR BACK TO SOME LITTLE STUFF AND THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BUT THAT'S INSANE.....


+Joshua Hastings

Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously? Your going to decide one of the most important decisions of your life based on that???

Summary: Basically article goes into how coaches sometimes mis-pronounce his name. The highest ranked recruit in the country, Shabazz Muhammad, who's not signed with a college yet, says this is one of his biggest pet peeves and one or twice he could overlook but if they kept doing it beyond that they'd defiantly be off his list. Duke is one of the only schools recruiting him that haven't done it at least once out of the bigtime programs.

My Take: Yes, I can understand that it's annoying sometimes, everyone has things that get to them more then other people, this may be yours, fair enough. But this decision could literally shape how your entire basketball career goes and since your shooting for playing professionally, that's your livlihood were talking about. Who cares if some 3 recruiting coach accidently mis-pronounces your name every once and a while, this is about your growing as a basketball player and developing your marketability in life on the court and in the classroom, or at least that what it's supposed to be about.

Let's be honest though, Muhammad isn't planning on staying in school any longer then necessary. If the lockout ends today and they recind the age limit, he's entering next years draft up against one of the strongest draft classes I can remember in a LONG LONG time. Sit down, think about the system the team runs, does it fit your style of basketball? If it dosen't don't try to fit a square into a triangle can go anywhere in the country. Find where you feel most comfortable, where the players were happy, and the coach runs a system you like and can picture yourself fitting into with the players that will probably be there.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arkansas Freshman Garrett Uekman dies of unknown circumstances.....

+Joshua Hastings

My heart goes out to Garrett Uekman's parents, family, friends, teammates and coaches. To die at 19 is a tragic loss and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone mourning. I can only imagine how hard this must be for his family. Shocking to say the least, they have the communities, coaches and many many fans support from all of the well wishes ppl continue giving at the end of the article if you go check it out. I pasted just a small sampling of the hundreds that continue to pour in, one every minute or two....

Story from

Arkansas TE Garrett Uekman dies

Associated Press
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas' football team was in mourning Sunday following the death of backup tight end Garrett Uekman.

The university said Uekman was pronounced dead at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville on Sunday afternoon.

The cause of death wasn't immediately known, but the university said Uekman was found unconscious and unresponsive in his dorm room on campus at approximately 11:15 a.m. Sunday. He was last seen playing video games by a roommate approximately ...

and i think that, no matter what team we root for, from teams in the sec all the way too the big 10 and everywhere in between, im sure that we can all put college football aside, and remember just how precious life is and that we should never take it for granted. once again, RIP Garrett Uekman. wps
Don't take anything for granted. Praying for all those involved. I hope everybody can take something from this, and walk away being a better person. Such a tragedy.
God Bless this family and prayers go out to them and his friends in this unexpected loss of their son and friend.

Woo. Pig. Sooie. Woo. Pig. Sooie. Razorbacks.

Any indication of what caused it?
Given that he was normal then found dead randomly I would guess Enlarged heart. But thats only a random guess, I am a paramedic and I have seen far too many athletes die of it. Its a horrible condition that usually goes under the radar.
Just had a whole unit on deaths like these occurring in young athletes. Hopefully we continue to learn more to recognize it earlier so these deaths can be avoided.