Sunday, November 20, 2011

Violence can invade anywhere at anytime, they don't hand you a gun when cross into Harlem....

+Joshua Hastings

I want to believe there is good in everyone. I really really do. Sadam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden for instance, I sat and tried to find their redeeming qualities, what part was inherantly "good". Was it that out of the public eye and spotlight they were loving fathers and husbands who had to pub on a facade to outsiders to maintain control for what they thought was the greater good. Obviously they both believed strongly in their beliefs however flawed I think they were.

I personally don't dislike any religion, as far as i'm concerned they all have their positives and negatives which  I prefer to just live by the saying of "To each his own". Basically everyone is free to believe is whatever higher power they wish and if there is an "afterlife" in their mind, so be it. I realize this isn't exactly on point with the problems athletes are having as far as robberies in the states recently and kidnappings in some of southern counties. Kidnappings for ransom are so common that people actually have jobs as hostage negotiators, as a go between that can be trusted between the family and the criminals, making sure one gets the money and the other gets what they paid for, the safe return of their loved one.

Every country, society, even some cities have different societal norms. If that was going on here and it was as openly prevalent there would be a public outcry, I can't imagine. However, it's a necessary evil in a country such as Venezuela to take some of the volatility out of an obviously stressful situation.

Here in the states one of the more publicized and tragic situations was the death of Sean Taylor, Miami Hurricane college football player after growing up a local product in a tough neighborhood and now starring for the Washington Redskins at the time. He walked in on a robbery and ended up bleeding out over some meaningless jewlery and money that i'm sure anyone would give up to have a loved one back in their lives. The perpetrators were caught and are in jail for decades now which hopefully will be where they spend the rest of their lives.

To me it's just all so senseless, do we all strive to be wealthy? I'm sure everyone wishes they had more money, there's never too much really, because you can always find something bigger and better then what you have....but sometimes there are more important things in life, it's took a lot of ups and downs to see that, but it's more then true, value the relationships you have that are "real". All your friends won't be there for you when you need them, believe me, actually most of them won't be there, you'll see someday who is standing there and for that, always hold that tight and don't let go because they deserve the same from you!