Friday, December 16, 2011

Once upon a time the Colts got lucky and drafted far they're bad enough to get Luck-y again!

Whether it's God, Lady Luck, A Reward for the Loyal Fans of Indianapolis who have still managed to not only waste the gas, food+drinks, and the 4-5 hours they will never get back but the "professional" product representing their beloved Colts is an impostor. It HAS to be. They have definately been spoiled a little. Ok, A LOT. But can everyone now admit that Manning is the definition of Most Valuable Player? It's not best, or biggest statistical numbers put up, it's which player has provided the most value over the course of a year. Well, with basically the same offense and defense give or take a couple players each way Manning continually and almost robotic-ally won 12-14 games year after year after year after year and we now see what that same explosive offense looks like without the Puppet-tier under center.

 In comparison think back to that brutal injury Tom Brady suffered a few years ago against the Chiefs that ended his season before it really even started.  In came Matt Cassell and his 0 starts in the last 4 or 5 years yet at the end of the season when the dust settled the Pats still got over 10 wins I believe. Now, this isn't an MVP discussion though, I'm just giving a little background as to why Colts Nation cause hibernate till the second week of the playoffs every year.

I keep hearing about this phenom, can't miss is thrown around by talking heads who couldn't explain half the darn rules, best since Elway....You get the idea and i'm sure you have either heard it too or have been saying it too. Let's hold off on ordering the limo for his ride to Canton ok? (That's where the Hall of Fame is incase you didn't know) The last time I remember all of this hype was with that San Diego Chargers #1 pick that was fantastic right up until he took his first NFL snap. Ten of Millions spent on a signing bonus that ended up feeding that unemployed Ex-NFL Quarterback and his pain killer habit. His name was Ryan Leaf.

I wish Ryan Luck all the success in the world, personally I haven't got to watch much of him since he is on the west coast playing for Stanford so I can't really give my personal take. I just think everyone should pause and think about what your so willing to throw away before that first ballot hall of famer named Peyton Manning is out the door and across the line of scrimmage picking your defense apart. I know it was serious neck surgery. I know he was out almost the entire year now already. I also know that no one in the world will work harder or smarter then Peyton Manning to get back on that field and right about now, he's hearing all of this Andrew Luck talk and it's pushing him even harder....I know i'm not betting against #12 for the Colts.

+Joshua Hastings
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Riverhead school district avoids possible violence+rioting in the aftermath of hoodlums "Tebowing"

Riverhead school superintendent Nancy Carney has said she supports the administrations handling of discipline in regards to the "Tebowing" incident that nearly overtook school hallways. In what could have turned into a scary situation when these rebels began their rein of terror upon their school. As more and more of these local outlaws began to join in the debauchery the administration was forced to step in and quickly hand out suspensions before they had to take the next obvious step of declaring it a state of emergency, putting the entire school or at least that quadrant where those hooligans were "Tebowing" into lock-down so the swat team could assist the local police in their riot gear. 

It would seem that they probably wouldn't be able to invade the area if the outlaws were still summoning the powers of "Tebow", it would clearly be too much positive energy for the tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbags, and pepper spray to overcome. Thankfully, we had this administration on top of things and were not forced to start racking up the causalities. Who know's how many of these reckless animals they would have had to put down before order could be restored.

Ok, now clearly I have made a joke of it, it's something that was getting annoying i'm sure, but it's just kids being kids, no one was getting hurt, this wasn't picking on anyone.

Firstly, now guys, the first few times that first day, i'm sure it was funny. Probably were the talk of the whole school, girls were laughing, everyone was looking out their classrooms to see what you guys were doing ect ect. Well, by the 2nd day it was starting to get old i'm sure and by the 3rd day more and more of the random kids at school starting following in you guys steps because your the "cool football players". 40 kids kneeling inbetween classes is way too much, someone could trip and get hurt, I don't know about the whole "RIOT" that your superintendent had talked about but still....cut the shit, it's over.

Next, SCHOOL: Come on. Seriously? This is the most pressing thing going on? There arn't any bullies? No hazing going on with ANY of your teams? Problems with cheating on tests? How many of your students are drinking so far? how about experimenting with drugs?

All i'm saying is, if this is really one of the more serious things that happens this year at your school, WOW, I'M SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED. I'd like to think about sending my child wherever the hell that is someday. Many schools are dealing with the kind of problems I asked about. And I mean A LOT.  Actually, a lot of high schools have all those problems at once. Again, just ease up a little, talk to their parents, their coaches, make sure they know if it keeps happening then your going to have to suspend them. I bet their coach can come up with something a hell of a lot worse then staying home from school for a day. Just think about it.

+Joshua Hastings

Sunday, December 11, 2011

SURPRISE! Once again Satan's little helper is at it again!

In the days leading up to "the decision", NO NOT THAT DECISION LAST YEAR, I'M TALKING ABOUT COMMISSIONER GODDELL'S DECISION ON HOW TO PUNISH JAMES HARRISON, talking heads on sports shows, radio, newspaper articles, websites, and blogs have given their take on what they think is fair, not only what they think should happen but what they think will happen. Well, the time came and now we have the verdict from the only opinion that really matters, Roger Goddell. The commissioner decided to levy a 1 game suspension without pay for Harrison's most recent helmet to helmet hit on Colt McCoy. 

Colt suffered his first concussion on the play to our knowledge and is still experiencing symptoms such as dizzyness, headaches and sensitivity to bright light. He's not practising with the Browns yet and is currently under the supervision of the teams medical staff working to get back on the field as soon as possible. This just shows how tough this Texas Boy really is. Just think, he didn't even remember the game when asked about it during post-game interviews yet he sat out only 2 snaps before jumping up and getting back out there to help his team. Watch the impact of that hit one more time and then if there was any doubt in your mind about what a great teammate McCoy is, there won't be anymore. 

Harrison has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines over the past few years and has constantly butted heads with commissioner Goddell over nearly ever topic possible. Harrison even went as far as to say he wouldn't piss on Goddell if he was on fire. Now, tell me how smart you think it is to say that to the guy that will be deciding a variety of important decisions for not only you, but your teammates, coach, and team throughout the year.

It just shows Harrisons lack of committment to his teammates when he continue's to say over and over that he's not going to change, and he's always tackled this way, he was tought to tackle like that and no one is going to change him now. Well, now he's out for the next game. The Steelers already may be without injured Ben Roethlisberger and now are going to be missing one of the best defensive players in the game just out of defiance it seems.

Smartin up James, this is a team sport its not just about you anymore, pay your fine and get back on the field after an apology and a little speech where you let everyone know you won't let them down again!