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SURPRISE!!! 2 of the countries top 5 recruits choose same school giving them the new #1 ranked class of 2013 recruits

ESPN.COM article link

John Calipari has a reputation around college basketball as a smooth, big time recruiter, a players coach who doesn't have a problem recruiting the high profile "1 and done" college basketball players that are looking for someone to get their game ready for the next level. While some coaches shy away from players that are in the spotlight regularly before even stepping on campus, garnering national attention sometimes before even becoming a teenager.

Whether they reason that its more detrimental to their program to bring guys in for only a year and then have to go through a constant rebuilding process year after year, teaching their system to a whole group of newcomers year after year as opposed to just filling in a few holes after graduation. Graduation is something that they can easily plan for, knowing the # of scholarships they will have open to make offers, with players that are teenagers having to make life altering decisions, pushing it off until the last minute possible, it makes recruiting that much more difficult. 

A job that is already time consuming, often frustrating, complicated, and difficult in general becomes something equivalent to guessing what your girlfriend heard about after the weekend bachelor party in Las Vegas. Coaches want an honest answer just as badly as that girlfriend, but players are young men, forced to choose where to possibly spend the next 4 years of their life, usually on their own for the first time, it's confusing.

Here are a few facts that are pretty straightforward and if your someone who follows sports, is being recruited by the top college basketball programs not only in the country today but also the most wins and championships in the history of college basketball, and have aspirations of lacing em up against the likes of Lebron James, there are very few programs that can compete with powerhouse recruiter/coach John Calipari and Kentucky.

Who Am I?


I was diagnosed with testicular cancer during my career and instead of "giving up", "throwing in the towel" and feeling sorry for myself I fought Cancer like it was an Ali vs. Frasior fight. In the end I had the resources, doctors with the skills, knowledge and expertise to come out not only alive but gaining a new mindset and focus. I was able to push myself through a near death experience and lived to tell the story of how I beat a deadly disease that kills thousands and thousands of people across the world every year. There was a cost though...

I didn't tell the doctors, nurses, kids, or even my parents that I had in fact made a deal with the devil right before I went in to get my first treatment. I sacrificed a few not so important things in order to survive and be all I could be.....the rewards far outweighed the consequences though. Who really needs BOTH of their testicles? Think about how many children, men, and women were motivated and inspired to fight because of the story....whether he used steroids, HGH, cream, clear, cocaine or Heroine, the fact of the matter is that he survived CANCER. HE WON THE BATTLE AGAINST THE BIG C. 


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Can you guess where Peyton Manning wants to make his next financial investment?? article link

When Peyton Manning stepped onto the Tennessee campus it was not just a cameo appearance. It was not just one of many stops on the often confusing and complicated path young men face between earning that starting job on a high school football team, gaining region wide, statewide or even nationwide recognition, choosing between transferring to another school with a higher profile football program or maintaining loyalty to not only the teammates and coaches that helped get you to where you are today, and in a position to have to make those decisions but also the school district that will only benefit more and more as your reputation grows.

Manning was a high profile recruit for Tennessee and looking back I'd say that everyone involved got their "moneys worth". Peyton ended up being drafted #1 by the Indianapolis Colts after entering the draft once he finished up 4 solid seasons at the University of Tennessee. While he never brought a national title to the Volunteer faithful and coach Fulmer, he was the leader of a team that competed year after year in the tough SEC and piled up wins with regularity.

Since leaving for the NFL Peyton has still managed to show his allegiance to the Volunteers with a combination of donations of money, time and even passing on his knowledge of the game to young players. In his most recent showing of support and love for the state of Tennessee, Manning has opted to become part of an ownership group that made a proposal to purchase the Memphis Grizzlies, an up and coming NBA franchise.

Per NFL rules players are not allowed to own any part of teams in the league so as a professional with such a drive and love for competition that is nearing the end of his own playing career, this could be the next best thing....a la Michael Jordan(similar but different obviously as he didn't purchase his stake in the Bobcats till after his playing days)

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Great pick-up or disastrous deal? article link

For the first time this decade, this century, in this country, since he has been playing professional baseball, since he has been playing organized baseball, in his entire life, Ichiro Suzuki is not hitting the ball well. I've heard fans make the argument that it's a huge waste of money to sign a 38 year old .261 hitter. Really? Your worried about the YANKEES overpaying? Why does money even cross your mind? Is it coming out of your pocket? The Yankees will raise, maintain, or lower ticket prices whether they sign Ichiro or not, believe that, it's the equivalent of you deciding to buy that doublemint .25 pack of gun at the gas station and your wife yelling because rent is due next week, it's OK guys, I promise.

Not that the New York Yankees need it or anything but the added viewers that an international icon like Ichiro could bring to their own YES network is HUGE. They already have a big advantage by creating it to begin with, just a genius move on their part, but the type of pull that some of these stars from other counties have in both the US and in their own homeland is massive, especially with a player like Ichiro who became the star he was while playing back in Japan. If you combine the hits he had while playing professionally in Japan with the ones in MLB he could possibly achieve the all-time record which is a record that is probably never going to be broken.

From everything being reported it seems like the sometimes selfish, arrogant, loner that played for the Seattle Mariners since coming to the US is ready to make the necessary changes to just fit in with a new team, putting his stats aside in order to complete his amazing career with a MLB World Series Championship.
If we concede the facts that have been reported such as, he made concessions in regards to his contract in order to get the deal done, he has made it clear that he is willing to bat wherever and play whenever necessary to help the team win and truly wants to be on a team playing into October....I think this was a GREAT pick-up by the Yankees.

Let's try and keep in mind a few possible scenarios.

  • He comes in to play a corner outfield until Nick Swisher is back from the DL and then is a backup that is not only a veteran but still has great speed and a good glove.
  • Used as a pinch runner late in games and as an insurance policy for their thin outfield now that the playoffs are nearing.
  • Management thinks his drop in production has more to do with the tole of constant losing and once on a winning team he will be energized and rejuvenated enough to bring a solid bat to the playoffs.
  • Management this he needs to get out of the spotlight and get back to just playing baseball and by playing with so many superstars in New York some of the pressure will ease.....(it won't ease much i'd imagine playing in front of a packed house nightly though)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pass it on, something all of us should think about a little more..... Article Link

Ray Horton did something I thought was very very generous. Before moving on to Arizona and the Cardinals to take over as the new defensive coordinator he stopped by the Pittsburgh Steelers facility one more time. When you work somewhere for around 20 years of your life you happen to make more then a few friends along the way. Just like when your packing up your house to move and realize you had about 10 times more shit then you ever dreamed you had, and with a team like the Steelers that are drenched in a proud family tradition, these friendships are closer then people can imagine. 

Just ask Maurice Matthews, the cafeteria worker who had been serving meals to Ray and the other coaches for decades. On his last visit before heading out of town presumably on an airplane and with a hefty raise waiting when he lands coach Horton asked a simple question, got a simple answer and i'm pretty damn sure, made it one hell of a day for one man named Maurice Matthews. After Ray asked how much money Maurice had in his pocket and Maurice answered $20, Ray spoke 1 simple word that probably sounded like a dream...."SOLD" and threw his ol buddy the keys to his 1999 Mercedes Benz SL 500 which still is selling for around $17,000.

How great of a story is that? Why can't we hear more about the great things people do to help one another instead of news filled with so much violence, political feuding, dangerous cartels entering through a border will far too little policing and too little resources to add more? The saddest thing is even when it does get reported about, it's in and not somewhere like Sportscenter or By now maybe it has been put into the news cycles for those networks and websites but my point is we hear about a DUI arrest by the time one of our millionaire hero's posts their bail money./ How about the same kind of coverage when our hometown team has players with free camps, or donates money to a local charity but doesn't want the press there, etc.

It's like we are supposed to believe that all athletes are either perfect robots and can do no wrong or they are career mastermind criminals. They are people too. They can make mistakes. They should pay the price just like any of us would, but they also should get the forgiveness just as anyone of us would want. 

I just wanted to say, hearing stories like this really makes me proud to be an american, and proud to be a fan of the NFL and the other sports available.

What's your opinion? Feel free to share, All comments are appreciated.

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Marketer, Coach, Friend, Leader, Veteran, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Son, WINNER.....Sounds like he won at....LIFE Article Link

Coach Mike Krzyzewski does not lose very often. He's a perfectionist, he believes that hard work and effort pay off. He's been so many things to so many different ppl it's hard to even name them all. I'm not joking either. Being a North Carolina fan your programmed to LOVE EVERYTHING TAR HEEL and DESPISE ANYTHING blue devil, DUKE or Coach K. There are thousands and thousands of fans who hate it when he wins and love seeing him lose but there's is one thing Duke fans and even UNC fans have in common....they RESPECT him.

When Coach K speaks, people listen. Just ask American Express is believe coach has an impact across the nation and what is that impact worth if you were to get his help pitching something???  Well, it's been reported that he makes over $100 thousand dollars when he speaks at conferences, camps, etc. Pretty good for a couple hours of work huh? I don't know what kinda money he's getting from the all too famous American Express television spot but I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's more then 75% of our population makes in a year and def more then I make in a year!

Coach K has an inherant recruiting advantage in my opinion with his increased exposure to the average citizen just because of his relationship with american express and when you combine that with his role as head coach of the USA olympic basketball team it's just something that other coaches across the country will never attain.  Sure college coaches often have sponsorships, many with local businesses and most with the companies that are also dealing with the university which is mandated in their contract. American Express is a national brand with a far greater reach, and much deeper pockets then the local Honda dealership which sponsors the post game highlights or something.

Before he begins focusing on his preparations for the Duke college basketball season he is back on the bench leading USA basketball to the olympics and hopefully another US Gold medal just like he did the last time around. In 2008 the team was lead by Lebron and Kobe who dominated nearly every minute of the tournament going 8-0 overall with 5-0 in the prelims and 3-0 to take home the gold, bring it back to the good ol US of A where it belongs!

It's A Wrap folks

After seemingly being one of the last teams to get all their draftees signed year after year the Patriots have completed all of the contracts for players drafted with 1 day to spare before the start of training camp. This time around the New England Patriots were the 15th team out of 32 to finish. Article Link

One thing the Patriots always seem to have plenty of is offense, yet that is where Bill Belicheck seems to lean with many of his picks the last few years, especially in the early rounds. It's been a rotating door in the secondary even with the Patriots spending pick after pick on possible quality DB's.  They seem to have gotten a stud with Patrick Chung who really came into his own last year and will be looked to even more while they try and get Mr. Brady a couple more rings before he walks away into the sunset a VERY VERY VERY ACCOMPLISHED AND HOPEFULLY GRATEFUL MAN.

This years draft class for New England could be one of the most important ones they have had in years and it also could be one of the biggest difference makers in whether the Patriots are able to get back to the Superbowl. They selected 2 defensive guys in the first round and between Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones who are both versatile athletic players. The Patriots had to move up BOTH times in the first round to make sure they secured the players they wanted but it worked out perfectly as far as Bill is concerned. All those screams about defensive wins championships and offense fills the seats probably didn't concern the coach much but after watching the Giants men in the box dominate with a strong edge rush you have to wonder if he finally saw the light.

Well, I don't know about you but I'm excited to see this revamped Patriots defense that seemingly got younger, faster, stronger against the run and pass to go with that offense that puts up points in bunches. I just hope this whole Welker deal or should I call it a non-deal doesn't start to wear on the guy because if anyone deserved a long-term deal for their loyalty and production....IT'S WES WELKER.

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Remember in the old NBA Jam we all used to play on Sega? After your player hit 3 consecutive shots without the opposing team scoring he's now "ON FIRE" and can't miss a shot basically. Well, it looks like Cody Ross has a little bit of INFUEGO himself. After hitting his THIRD THREE RUN HOME RUN TONIGHT I'D SAY HE'S A DAMN BURNING INFERNO AT THIS POINT! Tonight's 3 run dinger kept the Sox domination of the White Sox going even with the Red Sox being held scoreless by a rookie pitcher named Jose Quintana through the first 8. I don't know if those boys from Chi town are aware....MLB actually plays 9 inning games!

How bad do you have to play to get traded 1 year into a 7yr/$142 million dollar contract?

Watching Carl Crawford come into MLB as a potential game changing star on a team full of potential but competing in one of if not THE toughest division in all of baseball, the AL East. The division features the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, and the sad Orioles. Being a Sox fan has been pretty easy the last decade, pretty much since they won that first world series in 86 years. For some reason there has always been this little gnat that just would't go away, at first it was just an annoyance but it eventually got much worse. 

That gnat was the Tampa Bay "DEVIL RAYS". Armed with a Hideous name, uniform, and the fair weather fans to match they always seemed to be picking 1st in the draft(since they had the worst record for like 128 years straight) They had some pretty damn good picks back in the day but now their scouting department and GM have done even better developing a farm system that constantly feeds great young stars into the pros and gets the most out of them possible before they reach that point where earnings outweigh least as far as a team with a budget like the Rays are concerned.

Do you know who was the most annoying, frustrating, obnoxious gnat of all??? CARL CRAWFORD. END OF STORY. FLIP THE PAGE. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE WHO EVEN COMES CLOSE. NOT EVEN SOMEONE IN THE SAME ZIP CODE, AREA CODE, STATE, REGION, COUNTRY, PLANET, i'll give you Universe....maybe universe.

While it may have taken time for Crawford to develop into the 5 tool gold glove centerfielder that he was in the last few years with the Rays, even from the beginning you could see this was a guy that was just blessed with such athletic ability that it looked way too easy for him. I remember a game I was at Fenway when the Sox and Rays had a day game and I was in the right field bleachers just a few rows up from the wall. 

 Crawford was shading way over towards the right field side and JD Drew sliced this line drive that right off the bat you could tell it was going to be right in that deep part of the park by the time it was done curving. Crawford covered so much ground I looked away just to say something to a friend and expected to see a man on second and literally didn't believe the guy next to me when he said that he caught it. The way he can move in space is just amazing and then when you combine that with his's really something to see. But so far, we haven't seen much of anything out of him in Boston.

These trade scenario's don't sound terrible but I still say let's give Crawford some more time to get healthy since he's been hurt over half the time he's been here, he's adjusting to a completely different type of city, fans that know what being real fans means and remember he's always played in the AL East, he WILL get back to playing good baseball, let's not get pennies on the dollar... article link

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Only a man who will make well over $100 million in his short playing career could actually be jealous that its someone else's turn to shine

Just yesterday I had mentioned Carmelo Anthony's backhanded slap at teammate of last year and unsigned free agent Jeremy Lin. It was a not too subtle remark about the "ridiculous" deal that Lin was offered saying that he doesn't make the decisions about whether to match offers or not, it's the teams decision.

Well, by today Mr. Melo has had a change of heart, or shall we say change of words, emphasizing that he would LOVE to see him back.....and he even threw in an "HONESTLY" at the end. OK, so we should believe that today your telling how you really feel and it's not because your public relations buddy gave you a jingle and informed you that the Lin kid is pretty popular, and not just in NY either, he's like Elvis popular as of now. 

Let me get this straight though, you make over $20,000,000 this coming season, over $22 million next and then a player option for nearly $24.5 million correct? Jeremy Lin got cut from two different teams before the season even started last year, worked his ass off just to make a roster, got a break when there was an injury and basically gave the Knicks something to play for last year by winning those 7 STRAIGHT games and giving knicks fans something to talk about again...well, other then you scoring 30 a night but taking 30 shots to get it.

Can you imagine what would have happened if while Melo was negotiating his contract that one of his teammates came out and in an interview actually said that he's being offered a ridiculous amount of money more then what he's worth and the team is obviously not making a good decision if they signed him for that? Because that is literally what his statements meant about the Lin deal being offered. How could you mean anything different? 

If the Knicks agreed and signed him to that "ridiculous" offer then your going to all of a sudden say ya, i'd love to have him back? Well, then you would have said something like..." I'm not the owner and I don't make decisions about players but if it was up to me, I think he's worth whatever he gets and he's worth every penny of it. He's a great teammate, player and I can't wait to get back to work with him so we can be better this next year as a team"

I'm not sure what was more Lincredible

Jeremy Lin is not what most would call a "prototypical" NBA Basketball player. Hell, I don't 

think anyone can honestly say that if they saw him walk into a gym with the rest of his 

team someone would whisper to their friend, "Hey look at that Asian guy, I bet he's real 


From everything I've heard reported, it's been a long process to get where he's at today, 

and not just in contract offers.  He didn't go to some powerhouse high school, didn't end 

up with highlights on ESPN as a teenager and doesn't have his name on any State's MR. 

Basketball trophy or McDonald's All American teams. A little known fact though is that Lin 

did lead his high school team in California to the state championship, sounds like he 

shouldn't have exactly been unnoticed. When he went on to the next level/ next stage in 

his life it was for a college degree just like most students.  It was not which basketball team 

is going to prepare me best in a year for the NBA and I'll take some classes  but just get 

me into the easiest ones possible cause I have a lot of my game to work on. Article Link "Knicks let Rockets land Jeremy Lin"- Title

Jeremy Lin attended HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Yeah, and not one of those cheap knock-off schools that borrow the name or some offshoot affiliated liberal arts program, NO, this guy was accepted, went, and graduated from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country and even world. He entered Harvard after graduating high school with a 4.2 GPA and choose to major in economics which is one of the most demanding degrees to attain at that demanding school. Oh, and don't forget, and ALL that free time he had to do whatever college kids do while doing really really well in school, Lin fit in running a Harvard basketball team from the most complicated position on the floor, point guard.

In his short NBA career so far he's already been cut by 2 teams last year alone...and one of them is actually the team THAT JUST SIGNED HIM FOR $25 MILLION OVER 3 YEARS!!! The Houston Rockets were apparently so impressed with his sudden improvement(ya, it must have happen in just those few weeks) that they signed an offer sheet that the Knicks decided they wouldn't match.

Well, I wish Jeremy Lin good luck in Houston. The Knicks blew it when they decided to go and sign Raymond Felton after Jason Kidd came to the team to mentor young Jeremy Lin. It was a clear shock and backhanded message to Lin and obviously they didn't want him THAT much or they clearly could have done much better in the keeping their own players, his former teammates, to not mock and insult the contract offer that he got from another team, thank you so much melo. The team is now TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY YOURS TO SHOOT AND NOT DEFEND YOUR WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EASTERN CONFERENCE....maybe they can scrape by and be just good enough to sneak in the playoffs again though, that IS what YOU WANTED out of OVERPAYING for PART-TIME Amare and Melo("Nah, coach I can keep shooting, my arm doesn't hurt yet") RIGHT???

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The man they called Yooooooooouk makes his re article link

He was loved from the first double off the wall, the first ground ball that he ran hard and beat the throw to first, first 15 pitch walk he took, and most of all, first world series he brought home to Fenway Park. Before this year we had almost NEVER seen Kevin Youkilis struggle. The biggest struggle we saw was probably to remember that not everyone is programmed like him, to go all out, all the time....I think we all know a great example in Manny Ramirez.

 Imagine if we could take all the instincts and talent for hitting from Manny and combine it with the heart and dedication from Youk? He was a great unheralded find for our scouts, and Kevin worked hard enough to get every ounce of production out of his talent+ability, no one will ever say Kevin Youkilis dogged it. Well, at least not until 2012 when we saw someone we had never seen before, lost at the plate, making the same mistakes without adjusting and not even doing the little things to help the team win like had always been his trademark.

Now with the White Sox he's back to his old self playing hard, laughing, and guess what? He HITTING. A LOT. Since being traded he has batting average well over .300 and has started every single game.

Alright Kevin, I have to admit I hated seeing you go, but you didn't give anyone much choice huh? Thank you for everything though, you'll always be a RED SOX player to me.

Star NFL Running Backs to stay put for their prime years

ESPN has reported both Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens and Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears have reached deals with their respective teams and avoided playing out the season with the dreaded franchise tag.  With the high turnover rate at running back due to injury and the belief by some that the system has as much to do with success as the actual runner cough cough (Mike Shannahan), it's refreshing to see two teams and two players be able to come together and get a deal done. I think it's better for everyone involved typically and especially in the above noted situations.

Ray Rice signed for around 5 years and $40 million but it was not reported how much in guaranteed money while Matt Forte agreed to a 4 year deal that will pay around $32 million with over half guaranteed at over $18 million. In the NFL where contracts are not fully guaranteed as in other top paying sports like baseball and basketball, the guaranteed money such as the signing bonus is much more important obviously. The teams and player agents use whatever loop holes exist in the guidelines for salary caps and other salary considerations to get as much talent on the field as they can afford while using bloated back-end money and bonus possibilities to get the deal done. Ray Rice Story Link Matt Forte Story LInk

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now THIS sounds like utter LINSANITY!!! Article Link

A source has told's Ian Begley that the third year of the Rockets' offer -- worth $14.8 million -- makes it unlikely the Knicks would match. With the signing of the more veteran point guard Raymond Felton just a few days ago the whispers began about the Knicks possibly changing directions.Personally I'm confused. Just a week ago Mark Stein, another ESPN reporter, quoted a Knicks source close to the situation as saying they will match any offer on Lin up to $1 BILLION. Math was one of my best subjects in school, I had taken pride in that, until now. Now my world has shifted with the bounce of a ball in the blink of an eye.....

So, if Jeremy Lin has gotten an offer for 3 years and a total of $25 MILLION how exactly is that not matched instantly based on their previous statements? I mean really, let's think about it. Seemingly, they can afford to bring Lin back, give Isiah Thomas a call and put him in charge of looking into any complaints of sexual harrassment or something along those lines. If ANYONE knows SEXUAL HARASSMENT, it's THAT MAN! The Knicks also probably should put together some sort of SHSP somewhat like when parents are allowed to set aside money for their kids college tax free. With a initial deposit of say $600,000,000 into the Sexual Harassment Savings Plan, they could really save a nice chunk on their future law suits with Thomas being allowed to speak to women directly. 

Based on my calculations of Lin's $25 million, the new SHSP, and Isiah Thomas' annual salary of 1 lawsuit covered up, that should leave the New York Knicks about $275 million left to overpay in free agency. It's going to be tough, I know we all probably couldn't do it, but I really think that Knicks infamously ignorant in all things basketball related, can surely get himself a losing season while putting together another amazing awful team, even with $275 in his pocket.

Business article link from back before good ol JD fired Mike D

OK, in all seriousness, obviously i'm kidding. Well, not about Isiah Thomas really, or Dolan being a historical screw-up since his nice decision business wise that got him that nice chunk of money to waste on each bad decision he makes. 

I really am not that surprised to be honest in regards to all this possibly not signing him talk. Last year turned into a circus that rejuvenated the Knicks and their fans while simultaneously embarrassing their high paid, defensive liability, Carmelo "I never saw a time all game when I wasn't open to shot, so I did" Anthony. Everything he couldn't do was exactly what Jeremy Lin brought to the table. Great attitude, an obvious hard work ethic, passion for the game, leading by EXAMPLE, making team mates better, and even dominating a game without having a big scoring night. Guess what? That equaled a lot of straight wins. With Lin. Without Anthony. Maybe they need to re-think this whole decline the offer idea.....If Melo was quoted correctly he already had this to offer

When asked on Sunday if he thought Lin would be back with the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony was unsure but took a swipe at the Rockets' contract offer to the point guard."It's not up to me. It's up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract," he told the paper. 

And this is a TEAMMATE? Let me tell you what Melo. How would you like it if after the Knicks made you their pitch and contract offer, a few teammates said of course they want you back in the same sentence as letting the world know that obviously your not worth that much money though?


Just because you can profit AND DO WELL  in business doesn't mean you can profit and do well in EVERY BUSINESS.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This evil bastard didn't rob banks, commit horrific murders that criscrossed across the nation, nor was he the leader of a notorious foreign drug cartel exploiting america's drug problem for his own gain leading to incredible wealth. This evil bastard robbed us all of something. He robbed us of the rationale that there is good in everyone. Clearly this freak-show is void of good, filled with dirty little thoughts, weird, perverted, strange, masturbating with a pie in the kitchen type of thoughts. Just plain strange I say. What do you say? article link

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The NEXT NEXT NEXT big-time recruit

Bleacher Link to Article from KEEPING IT HEEL'

  1. North Carolina
  2. Duke
  3. Syracuse
  4. Florida State
  5. Kentucky
Looking over that list of colleges two things jump out at me.  First, those are some of if not THE top basketball programs in college athletics, all except 1 with a longtime coach who is surely a Hall of Famer. Second, Florida State?

Andrew Wiggins is a big time recruit. He's the kind of recruit that could change the course of a little known program forever. But, that's NOT going to happen. This superstar ultra-athletic wing is going to take his place at one of the big-time elite powerhouses in the ACC or SEC, spend a year showcasing his talents in some made for TV match-up like Kentucky vs. North Carolina in the Carrier Classic this past year and then off to the glitz and glamour of THE LEAGUE. The chance that we get to see him on a college campus for his sophomore season probably only happens if god forbid he gets a serious injury and misses significant time(although this didn't deter Kyree Irving) or he develops a strong bond with his team and they don't win the championship but would be the consensus favorites should he choose to stay.


If Wiggins decides to remain in the 2014 class instead of reclassifying to 2013 as some are suggesting he should/will do it could be just the right time for an electric, dynamic, high flying wing to run the break with 2013 commits Nate Britt and Isiah Hicks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One in a lifetime find for family in DEFIANCE, OHIO

First off. No, this family didn't find a homeless teenager wandering down the street and take him in before he tried out for the football team and they discovered that he is the best middle linebacker they have ever seen, football coaches from Lane Kiffin, Steve Spurrier and Lou Holtz are not showing up during sunday brunch to convince him to go take a trip over to USC and there certainly isn't yet that quick fix diamond in the rough that only Urban Meyer saw and now will be starting at that football factory in Columbus, Ohio.... Story Link

If this turns out to be entirely genuine as many in the industry believe it really is one of those stories that you can only dream about happening to you. It's just that rare. Combine all of the factors in play here, the age of the house these collectibles were stored in maintaining it's structure when across the country everyday we hear about snow, hail, rain, floods, fires, etc causing homes to become just a distant memory along with everything inside. 

Then you have multiple generations taking up residence, making their life and having no idea that all along they are sleeping below what sports collectors consider many mint condition incredible masterpieces.  This continues for decades, through family gatherings, comings and goings and finally.....the baseball card collectibles holy grail is discovered....

I'm not going to even get into specifics of the find really except to say that cards around 100 years old aren't found very often. Cards that old that are found are almost always in pretty rough shape and occasionally someone lucks out and a few nice gems in decent condition are found.  Again though, typically, it's a total of 20 thrown in a shoe-box or maybe 30 in the back of a photo album etc etc. 

This story once again defies all logic in that there was a total of over 700 that were made around 1910. To give you a little perspective the authentication expert that has spent his life in this field noted he had seen a total of maybe 700 of this rare series card and this collection was in the best condition he HAD EVER SEEN. Now, THIS IS ONE HELL OF A COLLECTOR'S STORY!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Take one last look at what that sweet stroke looked like for the hometeam cause that Double Agent has been spying for the Russians Story Link
Who would have thought? It has ALL BEEN A MIRAGE. I was tricked. We've been had. This whole all for one and one for all, i'll do whatever it takes for this team, UMBUTU togetherness and we named him the hometown hero. We were even ready to shell out big bucks for his well past his prime legs because of our loyalty and sense of history...and love for his sweet stroking(and i'm mean his stroke is STILL wetter then Peter North) jump shot. Mr Peter North is giving a whole different meaning to "IN YOUR FACE"

Ray Ray has always been the stand up loyal team first guy....let's hope that the Celtics are still that team


While Mario Chalmers has hit big time big situation big game shots throughout his young career and at every level prior the allure of having one of if not THE greatest pure shooter ever to play the game is dancing in the minds of Miami Heat executives, players and fans. It's like Thanksgiving Dinner. Even though gram makes an incredible turkey and gravy that is delicious on its own, when you add in those side dishes....they just compliment the main course so perfectly, it's like heaven in your mouth.Get it??? 

Although we know the Heat obviously can survive and even thrive without the added luxury of that pure shooter, Lebron and Wade can dare I say? be even better with that extra spacing. Just imagine teams having 1 less defender they can collapse with. As many shots as Chalmers has hit defenders are still going to sag off him when they can and everywhere else that doesn't involve drawing the assignment of covering #3 or #6....

I don't care if Ray is getting older, hell I don't care if he's plain old. My old basketball coach used to hit 10 free throws in a row with his eyes closed to start off each practice. He's just about 50. He eats gummy worms, always gets a cart at the golf course and breaths heavy after the long walk down the driveway to get the mail. Well, if he doesn't take the car. Ray Ray will bang that 3 ball if you give him the look for the next 5 years. EASY.

Monday, July 2, 2012

From the big stage playing at the mecca to the big freeze of the Raptors ehhhhh?? NBA New York Story Link

Jeremy Lin went from little known, hardworking, brainiac/NBA back-up back-up  point guard to Worldwide New York Knicks Starting Point Guard Front Page News Sensation in a matter of mere days. The Harvard graduate has essentially been proclaimed the next big thing to star on Broadway in the big apple without giving it a second thought but it's been reported that the Knicks are going into contract talks with a cautious approach. 

With the Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire signings it was the guaranteed max deal so there wasn't much to negotiate dollars wise, but with Lin its going to be much different. Teams with a lot of payroll flexibility are going to be able to offer $5 to even $10 million more per year on the back end of his contract and still not be over the expected "cap". A team such as the Knicks with 3 extremely high contracts in Amare, Carmelo and Tyson Chandler could end up being over the salary cap and paying the luxury tax before they even have 5 guys on the floor if Lin gets the dollars some insiders are talking about.

So, is he going to be a splash in the pan and fizzle out or did the Knicks uncover a beautiful diamond in the rough and dust him off just in time to watch him walk out the door and star for another team on Broadway? How's LA sound Mr. Lin>???

Sunday, June 24, 2012

When you've got a WS championship in your back pocket and then get a cool $50 mil a little HR can be fixed NO PROBLEM

You know how ppl say things like " Rex Ryan writes checks that his team just can't cash" Basically meaning that someone talks the talk but can't back it up with their play. Well EX Boston Red Sox fan favorite Jonathan Papelbon is one of those guys who is bold, often speaks his mind, and isn't afraid to challenge guys on the mound. He throws a lot of fastballs and always has, but since he has began to get toward the start of his decline it doesn't seem like his ratio of fastball to off-speed is quite as high as it used to be. Some say that's a good thing. It's been said he threw far too many fastballs and eventually when your facing big league hitters they are going to adjust. 

Papelbon gave himself somewhat of a clean slate by signing with the Philadelphia Phillies who are in the National League in the off-season. Having pitched in the American League his entire career, hitters will be at a disadvantage to start with the majority having not scene his stuff. Many more have faced him then you'd think though since MLB has been playing those Inter-league AL vs NL games for the past several seasons for a little span that lasts a few weeks.

Jonathan Papelbon Player Page from

When Papelbon blew his first save of the season yesterday it was also the first time this year so far that he even gave up an earned run while pitching in a save situation. Papelbon may talk a lot but since he got paid $50 million for signing the 4 year contract with the Phillies he can write checks for pretty much anything he wants.......including for a sure fire Hall of Famer to hit a home run to give you a win after you blew your first save. 

Jim Thome hit a pinch hit home run in the bottom of the 9th which allowed the Phillies to re-claim the lead and get the win. Afterwards it's been reported that Papelbon actually told Thome he would give him $5k if he hit a HR when he was in the on deck circle and sure enough, the big guy came through.

So Mr. Thome what kind of present are you going to be giving yourself on Pap anyways??? I have an idea, how about a nice new'll need something to wear at the Hall of Fame ceremony in a few years!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mike Tyson may have found his next job after boxing, wrestling, acting, zoo owner/'THE TIGER WHISPERER"

You may want to close your ears heat fans.....and if you haven't watched the tape from game 1 yet you may want to close your eyes too, Mike Tyson performed this little ditty when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel called....."Lebron James"
Link to the video is from the morning bark on

His name is Bryce Harper and your going to be hearing his name A LOT in the next 15-20 years

The Washington Nationals rookie outfielder has caught headlines once again in a positive way, this time for his post game home run, the one he hit when a reporter asked him if he was going to celebrate his long drive during the game with a little imbibing.  The video clip has already went viral and last night there were already online retailers selling Harper's now infamous comeback t-shirts....

"That's a clown question bro". 

Click on the underlined Harper answer above to go to a website selling the unique shirts!!!

MassAuthentics New Consignment Store Opening!!!!

MassAuthentics has opened a new site for anything and everything you can think of and will be adding items daily for the next few weeks due to the large supply of consumers looking to sell their quality pre-owned items. Some of the items I've came into so far have NEVER EVEN BEEN OUT OF THEIR ORIGINAL BOX!!!

These are a few of the ones I thought were pretty neat. They are called "Salvino's Bammers" and these 4 were all from opening day in the Spring of 1999, so they are over 13 years old! They are so old that the tag which describes Derek Jeter says that none of his stats jump out at you. Imagine that. The NEW YORK YANKEES ALL TIME HITS LEADER BACK WHEN NOTHING HE DID REALLY STOOD OUT! That's the type of collectible that would make a great investment for any Yankee fan, or even just a baseball fan. Click on the names to check em out for yourself!

Jeff Bagwell Bear
Derek Jeter Bear
Kerry Wood Bear

Mike Piazza Bear