Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm not sure what was more Lincredible

Jeremy Lin is not what most would call a "prototypical" NBA Basketball player. Hell, I don't 

think anyone can honestly say that if they saw him walk into a gym with the rest of his 

team someone would whisper to their friend, "Hey look at that Asian guy, I bet he's real 


From everything I've heard reported, it's been a long process to get where he's at today, 

and not just in contract offers.  He didn't go to some powerhouse high school, didn't end 

up with highlights on ESPN as a teenager and doesn't have his name on any State's MR. 

Basketball trophy or McDonald's All American teams. A little known fact though is that Lin 

did lead his high school team in California to the state championship, sounds like he 

shouldn't have exactly been unnoticed. When he went on to the next level/ next stage in 

his life it was for a college degree just like most students.  It was not which basketball team 

is going to prepare me best in a year for the NBA and I'll take some classes  but just get 

me into the easiest ones possible cause I have a lot of my game to work on. Article Link "Knicks let Rockets land Jeremy Lin"- Title

Jeremy Lin attended HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Yeah, and not one of those cheap knock-off schools that borrow the name or some offshoot affiliated liberal arts program, NO, this guy was accepted, went, and graduated from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country and even world. He entered Harvard after graduating high school with a 4.2 GPA and choose to major in economics which is one of the most demanding degrees to attain at that demanding school. Oh, and don't forget, and ALL that free time he had to do whatever college kids do while doing really really well in school, Lin fit in running a Harvard basketball team from the most complicated position on the floor, point guard.

In his short NBA career so far he's already been cut by 2 teams last year alone...and one of them is actually the team THAT JUST SIGNED HIM FOR $25 MILLION OVER 3 YEARS!!! The Houston Rockets were apparently so impressed with his sudden improvement(ya, it must have happen in just those few weeks) that they signed an offer sheet that the Knicks decided they wouldn't match.

Well, I wish Jeremy Lin good luck in Houston. The Knicks blew it when they decided to go and sign Raymond Felton after Jason Kidd came to the team to mentor young Jeremy Lin. It was a clear shock and backhanded message to Lin and obviously they didn't want him THAT much or they clearly could have done much better in the keeping their own players, his former teammates, to not mock and insult the contract offer that he got from another team, thank you so much melo. The team is now TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY YOURS TO SHOOT AND NOT DEFEND YOUR WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EASTERN CONFERENCE....maybe they can scrape by and be just good enough to sneak in the playoffs again though, that IS what YOU WANTED out of OVERPAYING for PART-TIME Amare and Melo("Nah, coach I can keep shooting, my arm doesn't hurt yet") RIGHT???