Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The man they called Yooooooooouk makes his re

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He was loved from the first double off the wall, the first ground ball that he ran hard and beat the throw to first, first 15 pitch walk he took, and most of all, first world series he brought home to Fenway Park. Before this year we had almost NEVER seen Kevin Youkilis struggle. The biggest struggle we saw was probably to remember that not everyone is programmed like him, to go all out, all the time....I think we all know a great example in Manny Ramirez.

 Imagine if we could take all the instincts and talent for hitting from Manny and combine it with the heart and dedication from Youk? He was a great unheralded find for our scouts, and Kevin worked hard enough to get every ounce of production out of his talent+ability, no one will ever say Kevin Youkilis dogged it. Well, at least not until 2012 when we saw someone we had never seen before, lost at the plate, making the same mistakes without adjusting and not even doing the little things to help the team win like had always been his trademark.

Now with the White Sox he's back to his old self playing hard, laughing, and guess what? He HITTING. A LOT. Since being traded he has batting average well over .300 and has started every single game.

Alright Kevin, I have to admit I hated seeing you go, but you didn't give anyone much choice huh? Thank you for everything though, you'll always be a RED SOX player to me.