Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Red Sox farm system tops in baseball according to some

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According to ESPN's Keith Law, the Boston Red Sox have not only A top ranked farm system, they have THE top ranked farm system.  At the halfway point of what has turned into a miserable baseball season the Red Sox have at least one thing going for them, strong minor league players....5 in of the top 50. They are Rafael Devers at #8, Juan Moncada at #11, Manuel Margot #14, Henry Owens #37, and Javier Guerra #48. 

It's pretty remarkable that the Sox have 3 of the best 15 minor league players in baseball considering just how poor their major league team has been. Fortunately, some players that have made a great transition and seem to be the future are, Xander Boegarts, Mookie Betts, and pitching phenom Eduardo Rodriguez. 

On the other side of the coin, pitcher Matt Barnes has looked pretty uncomfortable in his role as a reliever and in his first start last night gave up 6 runs in 5 innings. Another pitcher with no so great showings has been Henry Owens, in his last start he gave up a career high 10 hits in limited innings. 

Hopefully, this wave of the future gets promoted and succeeds sooner rather then later because its looking like the Sox are going to finish in last place in the division for the 3rd time in the last 4 years. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Jets coaches talking Geno AGAIN!!!

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Jets head coach Todd Bowles was forced to once again talk Geno Smith to reporters as he reprimanded him for throwing during his recovery from a locker room fight that left him with a broken jaw. He's excluded from team activities and will reportedly be out from 6-10 weeks. 

The situation really could be a blessing in disguise as many think Smith isn't even the best quarterback on the roster to begin with. The Jets have built a top 5 defense and have acquired weapons on offense but are still going to best be suited to win low scoring ball control games. 

This is just another fateful chapter in the Geno Smith melodrama, he has been a turnover machine his first two years in the league and many have questioned his dedication to his craft and work ethic. Last year there were several incidents that irked the team, he showed up late to at least a few team meetings and was caught on camera cursing at a fan. Just more examples of the immaturity on the Jets former first round pick.

Veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and his Harvard education have taken over the starting QB duties and its yet to be seen if Geno will ever get another shot in New York. 

Should players lose their starting jobs over injuries??? Years ago, Alex Smith was playing the best ball of his career in San Fran and Jim Harbaugh still continued to go with first time starter Colin Kaepernick.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Has the most dominant women of this era just been defeated by a swiss teenager

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It's a strange feeling watching someone show sheer dominance for months at a time, match after match, to the point that it seems she toys with opponents at times and kicks it into gear once the match starts to go against her. All the time knowing her skills are so superior to nearly all those who come against her that when she's really on her game, it can end in rapid succession, quicker then it takes to sit down for dinner.

This was supposed to be the year of SERENA. She has completed the "Serena Slam" before but was still searching to complete the official title by winning all 4 majors in a single season. This year she won the first three and was the overwhelming favorite to win the Rogers Cup but it just wasn't meant to be. 

Losing in the semi-finals isn't a total disaster for the worlds #1 ranked female player but being upset by an 18 year old new comer from Sweden was the most shocking of the news.

Is Serena still the most dominant women in sports or does that title go to Rhonda Rousey competing in Mixed Martial Arts and ending matches faster then Mike Tyson did in his heyday....

One bad bad MAN to some bad bad little MEN....you got to earn your keep!!! Sends a strong message to kids

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We can all agree that any man that can leg press the equivalent to a car basically can fairly be called a bad bad man. And when that bad man has kids, often he's going to be teaching them how to get swolllll when the time comes. For now, he's teaching more life lessons it seems with this story.

When James Harrison found out his two boys received trophies for participation in the league he was quick to offer praise and say he's ALWAYS proud of his kids and will always continue to be, however, he firmly believes in everything in life is better if you earn it. 

Something along the lines of if you work for your allowance you'll be that much more careful about spending it, if it's just handed to you, then you really won't grow up with any concept of hard work or how to go about earning money.

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