Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Brewers smiling, syringe using, superstar, steroid user ain't coming

Newly minted $100 million dollar man, coming off his first MVP award and teams with going attraction Prince Fielder to bring the doormat formerly known as the Brewers back to life....That WAS the storyline that Ryan Braun was living until the sky came falling, only this time it wasn't that little chic saying it, it was that little voice inside his head.

 And once it became public, after the hometown fans composed themselves from their shock, they are finally getting back off the mat and want to see their All-Star, MVP, SuperStar. Of course they do, that's what the hometown fans do, that's what they are supposed to do, they forgive and forget all the mistakes and bullshit as long as you get that hit, make that pitch, stop that ball, make that catch, and don't skip events that are supposed to be a reward for the fans. Remember Ryan, those are the only people that won't be BOOING YOU ALL YEAR AND MAKING UP FUNNY SIGNS. 

Get over yourself and go face it like a man. You did this yourself and you should handle it yourself. What are you afrard of anyways? This will be the cushiest gig you get for a long time, everyone there is going to love you, or at least they would have before the news of you blowing them off. It doesn't matter the reason/excuse, YOU SHOULD BE THERE. YOU OWE THAT MUCH AT LEAST SINCE YOUR STILL COLLECTING YOUR PAYCHECK.....THAT PART MAKES ME SICK BY THE WAY.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well this is one of those moves that is either going to be a HUGE success or a complete disaster. Something kinda like when Texas signed A-Rod to the biggest contract in MLB history at the time and it nearly drove them to bankruptcy and out of baseball. The difference between the two would be Texas wasn't desperate to win. The Detroit Tigers basically just stood up at the dinner table, and said loud and clear, this is our year and within the next two years the title is coming to Mo-Town. With a contract thats $214 MILLION on a 27 year old that has brought life and winning back to the Brewers and rejuvinated a once barren fan base, he may be worth it.....IF they Tigers can pull a title off in the near future. By year 4 of that 9 year contract he is more then likely going to start to see his statistics decline. That would give the starving fans of Detroit another 5 years to watch an aging, defensive liability, first basemen(maybe even have to DH full-time), that's severely overweight already, and this is with his "healthy" no meat diet. Imagine what this large man is going to look like when he's 34. I just hope for the sake of all the Detroit Tigers fans by then he's putting up more HR's then lbs on his waist.


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Platinum coming to a college campus near you!

How many of you thought you would see tradition rich North Carolina University and their stable of all-americans wearing Army Fatigue Uniforms in the Carrier Classic, Carolina Blue away, Carolina White home and now will be part of Nike's new 9 team class to wear "Platinum" edition uniforms.

As if North Carolina and coach Roy Williams need anymore help signing recruits besides his record sending players to the NBA, having lottery picks, winning national titles, and the bevy of ex-tar heels that are around all year from summer run to pick up games. As petty as it sounds uniform style is a huge draw for players, and as Oregon football can attest, your going to get on the top of players want lists just for that simple fact that Nike will be giving them the hottest new apparel.

Like the Army Fatigues, Carolina Blue, or the new look platinum the best.

$40,000 rings for World Champion Mavericks

We all know Mark Cuban has an ungodly amount of money. Through the years he's mocked NBA commisioner David Stern and his petty fines for Cuban speaking out against everything from rules, teams, calls, referee's, and anything else he feels like. His fines per year are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's not something you do unless you continue to make money hand over fist in your day job.

It's being reported that he is spending approximetly $40,000 on each NBA Championship ring for his title winning team. After their series sweep of the L.A. Lakers shocked the world, Cuban toyed with the idea of bucking the typical making of Rings and going with something more unique like a bracelet or other jewelry to show their individuality but his ideas were met with some strong playful resistance from superstar Dirk Nowitzki. The ring is something that Dirk has been waiting for quite a long time after letting their last title slip away, when they lost to the Miami Heat a few years before.

Here's my suggestion though, Cuban can spend whatever he wants, it's his team, his players, his wallet, but while he's opening it up, how about matching what he spends on this unnecessary bling and make the same donation to a local charity in Dallas? Or give towards the epidemic of homelessness in the ranks of our veterans? Or to help abuse victims escape their personal hell and start over? It doesn't matter what specifically it goes to really, we all know there are millions of non-profits that are struggling for money every year and are worthwhile. Let's give back to all the people that can't afford to go to a Mavs game, the ones who can't even afford to have a drink at a bar, or the ones who have nowhere to go home to and watch it? Just an idea!

+Joshua Hastings

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vanessa Bryant says Thank you to Kobe Bryant one more time

The marriage that made tabloid headlines more then once has produced well for Vanessa Bryant, and this is just the beginning i'd imagine. It's being reported that 3California mansions owned by the Bryants have signed over to Vanessa Bryant. The total value of the house haul is about 18 million even in today's depressed housing market. On the record both Kobe and Vanessa have claimed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup of their family. It was Vanessa who filed her petition for divorce this past December.

In the past they have made headlines together such as when Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault which Kobe denied and instead claimed that yes he did have sex with the women but that it was in fact consensual. Eventually the charges were dropped and the women settled the civil case for an undisclosed amount agreeing to a gag order. Vanessa appeared publicly with Kobe during his now infamous press conference that he admitted his wrongdoing yet claimed to be the victim himself. Standing by her man and "working things out" proved to be a very lucrative move as Kobe proclaimed his love once again with a vow of devotion to his family and gave her a diamond ring  valued at over 1 million dollars. Now THAT is a rock that Vanessa Bryant knows how to handle, Kobe may be the man on the court but maybe Vanessa have proved to be "the women" off it.