Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Platinum coming to a college campus near you!

How many of you thought you would see tradition rich North Carolina University and their stable of all-americans wearing Army Fatigue Uniforms in the Carrier Classic, Carolina Blue away, Carolina White home and now will be part of Nike's new 9 team class to wear "Platinum" edition uniforms.

As if North Carolina and coach Roy Williams need anymore help signing recruits besides his record sending players to the NBA, having lottery picks, winning national titles, and the bevy of ex-tar heels that are around all year from summer run to pick up games. As petty as it sounds uniform style is a huge draw for players, and as Oregon football can attest, your going to get on the top of players want lists just for that simple fact that Nike will be giving them the hottest new apparel.

Like the Army Fatigues, Carolina Blue, or the new look platinum the best.