Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vanessa Bryant says Thank you to Kobe Bryant one more time

The marriage that made tabloid headlines more then once has produced well for Vanessa Bryant, and this is just the beginning i'd imagine. It's being reported that 3California mansions owned by the Bryants have signed over to Vanessa Bryant. The total value of the house haul is about 18 million even in today's depressed housing market. On the record both Kobe and Vanessa have claimed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup of their family. It was Vanessa who filed her petition for divorce this past December.

In the past they have made headlines together such as when Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault which Kobe denied and instead claimed that yes he did have sex with the women but that it was in fact consensual. Eventually the charges were dropped and the women settled the civil case for an undisclosed amount agreeing to a gag order. Vanessa appeared publicly with Kobe during his now infamous press conference that he admitted his wrongdoing yet claimed to be the victim himself. Standing by her man and "working things out" proved to be a very lucrative move as Kobe proclaimed his love once again with a vow of devotion to his family and gave her a diamond ring  valued at over 1 million dollars. Now THAT is a rock that Vanessa Bryant knows how to handle, Kobe may be the man on the court but maybe Vanessa have proved to be "the women" off it.