Wednesday, January 25, 2012

$40,000 rings for World Champion Mavericks

We all know Mark Cuban has an ungodly amount of money. Through the years he's mocked NBA commisioner David Stern and his petty fines for Cuban speaking out against everything from rules, teams, calls, referee's, and anything else he feels like. His fines per year are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's not something you do unless you continue to make money hand over fist in your day job.

It's being reported that he is spending approximetly $40,000 on each NBA Championship ring for his title winning team. After their series sweep of the L.A. Lakers shocked the world, Cuban toyed with the idea of bucking the typical making of Rings and going with something more unique like a bracelet or other jewelry to show their individuality but his ideas were met with some strong playful resistance from superstar Dirk Nowitzki. The ring is something that Dirk has been waiting for quite a long time after letting their last title slip away, when they lost to the Miami Heat a few years before.

Here's my suggestion though, Cuban can spend whatever he wants, it's his team, his players, his wallet, but while he's opening it up, how about matching what he spends on this unnecessary bling and make the same donation to a local charity in Dallas? Or give towards the epidemic of homelessness in the ranks of our veterans? Or to help abuse victims escape their personal hell and start over? It doesn't matter what specifically it goes to really, we all know there are millions of non-profits that are struggling for money every year and are worthwhile. Let's give back to all the people that can't afford to go to a Mavs game, the ones who can't even afford to have a drink at a bar, or the ones who have nowhere to go home to and watch it? Just an idea!

+Joshua Hastings