Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Brewers smiling, syringe using, superstar, steroid user ain't coming

Newly minted $100 million dollar man, coming off his first MVP award and teams with going attraction Prince Fielder to bring the doormat formerly known as the Brewers back to life....That WAS the storyline that Ryan Braun was living until the sky came falling, only this time it wasn't that little chic saying it, it was that little voice inside his head.

 And once it became public, after the hometown fans composed themselves from their shock, they are finally getting back off the mat and want to see their All-Star, MVP, SuperStar. Of course they do, that's what the hometown fans do, that's what they are supposed to do, they forgive and forget all the mistakes and bullshit as long as you get that hit, make that pitch, stop that ball, make that catch, and don't skip events that are supposed to be a reward for the fans. Remember Ryan, those are the only people that won't be BOOING YOU ALL YEAR AND MAKING UP FUNNY SIGNS. 

Get over yourself and go face it like a man. You did this yourself and you should handle it yourself. What are you afrard of anyways? This will be the cushiest gig you get for a long time, everyone there is going to love you, or at least they would have before the news of you blowing them off. It doesn't matter the reason/excuse, YOU SHOULD BE THERE. YOU OWE THAT MUCH AT LEAST SINCE YOUR STILL COLLECTING YOUR PAYCHECK.....THAT PART MAKES ME SICK BY THE WAY.