Monday, January 30, 2012

Did you know Mike Tyson was a WWE Hall of Fame nominee???

ESPN.COM Mike Tyson story link

Ok, lemme get this straight. So Mike Tyson burst onto the boxing scene and ended up breaking the record for the youngest heavyweight champion of the world back when he was 19 and then we watched with amazement as he racked up win after win seemingly all by knockout. While he was short by boxing standards he more then made up for the lack of height with his tremendous compact power. He made for a good champion because he was entertaining. In the end that entertainment is just what got him on the front page of every newspaper and headlines across the world.....

While he's losing a fight to Evander Holyfield to take his run at re-gaining the title belt he took A BITE OUT OF HOLYFIELDS EAR.I'm not talking about a little nibble like you get on your birthday from your lady friend, I mean the type of bite after you drink all day at a party without eating and then go home starving, take out leftovers and sloppily chow down. This set off the beginning of the saga that is Mike Tysons life. 

Since that bite he's been caught with cocaine at least twice that I know of, arrested several times, filed a couple lawsuits and had a couple lawsuits filed against him. He went from being on the top of his sport, the pinnacle of boxing all the way down to the drug addicted, flesh eating half canibal, half mighty mouse ex-boxer, headlining a WWE event?

Tyson was inducted into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame back in June but he says the most fun he ever had inside the ring was with wrestling. He's made a handful of guest appearances throughout his career and since such as during his suspension the first time and now a few "celebrity" appearances and will be inducted into the celebrity wing of WWE.

I think this is just another odd chapter in the history of a man who was troubled and although made history, he could have been so much more.