Friday, July 6, 2012

Take one last look at what that sweet stroke looked like for the hometeam cause that Double Agent has been spying for the Russians Story Link
Who would have thought? It has ALL BEEN A MIRAGE. I was tricked. We've been had. This whole all for one and one for all, i'll do whatever it takes for this team, UMBUTU togetherness and we named him the hometown hero. We were even ready to shell out big bucks for his well past his prime legs because of our loyalty and sense of history...and love for his sweet stroking(and i'm mean his stroke is STILL wetter then Peter North) jump shot. Mr Peter North is giving a whole different meaning to "IN YOUR FACE"

Ray Ray has always been the stand up loyal team first guy....let's hope that the Celtics are still that team


While Mario Chalmers has hit big time big situation big game shots throughout his young career and at every level prior the allure of having one of if not THE greatest pure shooter ever to play the game is dancing in the minds of Miami Heat executives, players and fans. It's like Thanksgiving Dinner. Even though gram makes an incredible turkey and gravy that is delicious on its own, when you add in those side dishes....they just compliment the main course so perfectly, it's like heaven in your mouth.Get it??? 

Although we know the Heat obviously can survive and even thrive without the added luxury of that pure shooter, Lebron and Wade can dare I say? be even better with that extra spacing. Just imagine teams having 1 less defender they can collapse with. As many shots as Chalmers has hit defenders are still going to sag off him when they can and everywhere else that doesn't involve drawing the assignment of covering #3 or #6....

I don't care if Ray is getting older, hell I don't care if he's plain old. My old basketball coach used to hit 10 free throws in a row with his eyes closed to start off each practice. He's just about 50. He eats gummy worms, always gets a cart at the golf course and breaths heavy after the long walk down the driveway to get the mail. Well, if he doesn't take the car. Ray Ray will bang that 3 ball if you give him the look for the next 5 years. EASY.

Monday, July 2, 2012

From the big stage playing at the mecca to the big freeze of the Raptors ehhhhh?? NBA New York Story Link

Jeremy Lin went from little known, hardworking, brainiac/NBA back-up back-up  point guard to Worldwide New York Knicks Starting Point Guard Front Page News Sensation in a matter of mere days. The Harvard graduate has essentially been proclaimed the next big thing to star on Broadway in the big apple without giving it a second thought but it's been reported that the Knicks are going into contract talks with a cautious approach. 

With the Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire signings it was the guaranteed max deal so there wasn't much to negotiate dollars wise, but with Lin its going to be much different. Teams with a lot of payroll flexibility are going to be able to offer $5 to even $10 million more per year on the back end of his contract and still not be over the expected "cap". A team such as the Knicks with 3 extremely high contracts in Amare, Carmelo and Tyson Chandler could end up being over the salary cap and paying the luxury tax before they even have 5 guys on the floor if Lin gets the dollars some insiders are talking about.

So, is he going to be a splash in the pan and fizzle out or did the Knicks uncover a beautiful diamond in the rough and dust him off just in time to watch him walk out the door and star for another team on Broadway? How's LA sound Mr. Lin>???