Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mike Tyson may have found his next job after boxing, wrestling, acting, zoo owner/'THE TIGER WHISPERER"

You may want to close your ears heat fans.....and if you haven't watched the tape from game 1 yet you may want to close your eyes too, Mike Tyson performed this little ditty when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel called....."Lebron James"
Link to the video is from the morning bark on

His name is Bryce Harper and your going to be hearing his name A LOT in the next 15-20 years

The Washington Nationals rookie outfielder has caught headlines once again in a positive way, this time for his post game home run, the one he hit when a reporter asked him if he was going to celebrate his long drive during the game with a little imbibing.  The video clip has already went viral and last night there were already online retailers selling Harper's now infamous comeback t-shirts....

"That's a clown question bro". 

Click on the underlined Harper answer above to go to a website selling the unique shirts!!!

MassAuthentics New Consignment Store Opening!!!!

MassAuthentics has opened a new site for anything and everything you can think of and will be adding items daily for the next few weeks due to the large supply of consumers looking to sell their quality pre-owned items. Some of the items I've came into so far have NEVER EVEN BEEN OUT OF THEIR ORIGINAL BOX!!!

These are a few of the ones I thought were pretty neat. They are called "Salvino's Bammers" and these 4 were all from opening day in the Spring of 1999, so they are over 13 years old! They are so old that the tag which describes Derek Jeter says that none of his stats jump out at you. Imagine that. The NEW YORK YANKEES ALL TIME HITS LEADER BACK WHEN NOTHING HE DID REALLY STOOD OUT! That's the type of collectible that would make a great investment for any Yankee fan, or even just a baseball fan. Click on the names to check em out for yourself!

Jeff Bagwell Bear
Derek Jeter Bear
Kerry Wood Bear

Mike Piazza Bear