Saturday, April 21, 2012

Steelers fans have 1 less thing to worry about....

As the deadline for restricted free agents to receive offer sheets from teams across the league  came and went it was eerily quiet at camp Wallace.  Stud Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace didn't get an official offer from a single team. Personally, i'm beyond shocked.

The NFL has evolved into a 2 running back, 2-3 tight end and 6-9 receivers on the active game roster at times across the league. Wallace has put up eye popping stats from day 1 and steadily improved while making a name for himself as that big play receiver and continually worked and worked as his role became bigger as Hines Ward gracefully ended his record setting Steeler career. 

With the AFC boasting 5-6 potential Superbowl teams in my opinion, it would have been a huge power play to not only pick up a great young receiver but also diminish the Steelers attack. Think of Brady having a shorter(and more motivated, younger) Moss type speed downfield with Welker underneath and those tight ends streaking on the sidelines and in the back of the end-zone.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Papi and his grown man's game coming up BIG....

Just a year ago columnists from coast to coast openly wondered if the Sox had lost their punch in the middle of that vaunted lineup with an aging Ortiz on the last year of his contract and the loony, juiced up Man-Ram toking up in another club house. It was one of those "contract Years" though, the time when players seem to bring their big boy bat to the park in an effort to lighten one owners pockets while adding another wing to their compound. Sure enough the Sox kept Ortiz hungry and held off on the deal and while it sure didn't look like Big Papi missed a meal he didn't miss many pitches either. He put on one of his patented HR and RBI producing seasons to combine with Ellsbury for the lone bright spots in an otherwise disappointing season.

The Red Sox didn't want to go to that 2nd year on David's contract this summer but knowing that more then 1 other team, prob in the AL East alone, would, they had no other choice. The fact is they probably did it as much out of sensitivity to his popularity to Red Sox Nation along with past achievements(those world series titles, especially the first that ended the drought, won't be forgotten anytime soon) as for his projected output. 

Well, the big man is coming up HUGE so far in 2012, getting the big hit to put the Sox ahead for their 3rd straight win over the Rays last night, finally showing some signs of life. The start of the season it looked like we were watching a JV high school squad's B team compete and it wasn't pretty. Hopefully, the rest of the team follows Papi's method of which he says simpily....."I just hit the ball".