Friday, June 8, 2012

Patriots lock up their top receiver......of the future

The New England Patriots have signed all-everything stud tight end Rob Gronkowski to a new 6 year contract for a reported $54 million. The move to lock up one of the most unstoppable receivers in the entire NFL comes as no surprise, add in that he has developed into one of Brady's most trusted targets and it's a no brainier. Gronk as he is affectionately known throughout New England is only 23 years old and will be entering just his third season in the league. 

The contract is a rare move in a league that often wants players to play out their current deals before renegotiating but as the Patriots and every other team in the NFL knows, Gronk is a special special player. In just his second NFL season(last year) he didn't just break the team record for touchdowns by a tight end, not division, league....NOPE HE SET AN NFL RECORD AT AGE 22 BY CATCHING AN UNBELIEVABLE 17 TD'S. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, THERE IS GOING TO BE MORE TITLES COMING TO BEANTOWN, AND MAYBE THE CELTS BRING ONE HOME FIRST!

Strong women points out cowards in court after first identifying the terrifying assailants attack


A brave women who witnessed the brazen afternoon attack on Bryan Stow that put him in the hospital for months hanging on to life and will require years of physical and mental therapy, testified in open court yesterday and identified the thugs who jumped the over-matched Stow. The two defendants left after the fight with two women, one of the women being Dorene Sanchez who is the brother of one of the men and has a child with the other. She testified for the prosecution but has been given immunity along with the accessory charges that had been brought against her being dropped. She stated that even though she saw blood of one of the men's hands when they ran back to the car she had no idea what had happened and didn't become suspicious until later that night when she saw reports of the fight on the news. 

OK, so let me get this straight.....your all back at your vehicle after the game and ready to leave when your baby daddy and brother say they are going to "go after" some of the San Francisco Giants fans they had a verbal confrontation with? When they return they are running, then you hear, "Let's get the fuck out of here" and see blood on Marvin's (your child's father) hand and ask what happened he tells you not to worry about it and poof, out of sight out of mind, discussion over!

Right, that's exactly what happened. The guys weren't talking about how they beat this guys ass, they weren't saying how ppl don't mess with them, they weren't saying how ppl shouldn't disrespect them or the Dodgers, especially in front of their family blah blah blah. I don't know about everyone else out there but there is no way in hell I could get away with an answer of don't worry about it to my girl like that. Guess what, DISCUSSION NOT OVER. DON'T GIVE THIS LYING, ASSHOLE IMMUNITY, CHARGE HER ASS JUST LIKE THE OTHER GUYS. She knew exactly what they were going to do when they went back to find the "Giants fans", it's been reported she egged them on even, OBVIOUSLY!, you know once these guys have their girls telling them things like fuck those guys, they ain't shit, etc etc, they sure as hell weren't leaving to go talk to Bryan Stow. This was a planned attack, this was brutal, unfair, excessive, pitiful attack on a small guy already, who didn't stand a chance against one of the assailants, let alone 2.

What do you guys think? She telling the truth, or know a lot more then she's admitting???