Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Uh Oh, someone on the Jets has Cancer?? Guess who

When you hear the C word it's almost like a swear. It's just one problem that no one wants to deal with. It comes with so much baggage such as first the mental part of it, facing the fact that it's there, it's going to be there for now and how is the best way to deal with this. The most important thing with Cancer is that you catch it early on so there is time to address it and deal with the problem before it spreads......

The New York Jets had several players that didn't play up to their capabilities or expectations. Mark Sanchez was expected to take the next step in his development and after carefully guiding them to 2 AFC championship games and losing both, once again loudmouth, confident/arrogant coach Rex Ryan declared they would be Superbowl winners....Well a team from NY did with the title, the problem is it was crosstown rival and big brother New York Giants. While their young quarterback has developed better then expected, Sanchez has plateaued. The team that led the league in both Rushing and Defense a year ago came back and was capable and even great at times but gave up way too many big plays against inferior teams. 

But, there was only ONE PLAYER ON THE JETS THAT WAS THE DEFINITION OF CANCER. He was identified early, they took a chance in signing him to begin with since he had such a checkered past and even had to sit to start off before he ever even played but they figured the talent was worth the risk.....well, if there ever was an example that sometimes you need to just walk away, it's SANTONIO "CANCER" HOLMES. Holmes had problems with more then one faction of the team at more then 1 occasion during the season and even after reportedly having meeting with coaches, players etc he finished the season the way he started it, lackadaisically giving up and blaming the problems on everyone else. 

Well, after that showing and seeing just how badly one bad apple can spoil the bunch the Jets surely were not going to re-sign him to any significant guarnateed contract if anything it would be incentive laden with team goals mapped out along with conduct bonus'. Right, I don't need your stinkin' advice, bang Jets CANCER to $15.25 MILLION DOLLARS GUARANTEED!

The Jets don't just want Cancer, THEY PAY BIG MONEY FOR IT, maybe that's it, they are cancer!? article Link

+Joshua Hastings

Assisted Suicide? You think you want to pull a Dr. Jack Kevorkian?? If you got the balls, assist them in signing up for Death Race 2012!!

I have heard of the tough mudder challenge and that looked pretty extreme to me. To be honest I thought it looked really cool and thought i'd like to give it a try someday. But.....this is another whole level of extreme. This is the kind of thing that you bait that asshole that you always see bragging and showing off how tough he is into doing it. You don't dare someone you care about to enter pittsfield, Vermont on June, 15th, 2012. 

For anyone out there thinking this is for you, go ahead and post a picture and i'll let you know if you can handle a 48 hour test of endurance, strenght, mental toughness, stress, physical and mental fortitude and then most of all, YOUR MANHOOD. When your entering a race that 90% of the participants don't finish, you know your up against something series. Not the kind of thing where you hear about it when your out with friends and all sign up drunk and then start pounding the 30 rack on the ride to the start....won't make it past the first checkpoint boys. 

Train at the local YMCA with your brother and dad for a few weeks before and get back into your idea of "GAME-SHAPE"'ll be looking for a ride back to your car  when your getting that first cramp 11 minutes in and think about the next 47 hours, 49 minutes and 15 seconds of your life. Ain't gonna find a cell phone round these woods, just start yelling for your girl to get the jeep cause your going home with your head held high just for entering. That's the thing with races like these.

 The guys that are finish are the ones that are back in the junkyard picking up cars, doing their "Rocky" thing 2 weeks after the race is over as soon as the cast is off their arm and the swelling is down.....well, EVERYWHERE ELSE, counting down until the challenge they can find next. These guys are the dudes who can have a few beers with Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins and he won't be calling them pussies. 

I doubt anyone reading this could even convince themselves to sign up, let alone race. Actually, I doubt anyone even knows anyone that would....but, if there is someone checking this out for the first time and really is gonna do it, KEEP ME POSTED, I WANT TO FOLLOW UP AND DO A PIECE ON EVERYTHING BEFORE DURING AND AFTER THE "PEAK DEATH RACE" Well, if you survive that is!

Link to which is the Death Race Challege website

Monday, February 6, 2012

When he gets a grip, locks his jaw, he just continues to put pressure till you break

It's an sad story that is all too common in our society where younger and younger children are using alcohol and drugs. Often we don't hear about the positive stories where a college student realized he had a problem, addressed it and has not relapsed once. The reason we don't usually hear it is because that is a very very rare occurance. Whether its beer, wine, hard liquor, cocaine, marijuana, heroine, pain killers such as Oxycontin or Vicodin they all have one thing in common, the possibility of addiction and negative life changes. Personally, I'm not one of those people that thinks all drugs are evil and disgusting, and anyone who has tried them is a loser and a drug addict etc etc. It's true that some people can use any number of these drugs for a week on vacation to let loose and then they never cross his mind again but that's not typical. I know firsthand what each and every one of those drugs has done to change lives.

 Drugs are not racist, sexist, culturally biased or even homophobic, they are more then happy to spend all night out with you and end the night back at your place. Before you know it, it's the sun is up, it's 540 in the morning and you NEED something to get back to that way you felt last night. It's a cycle that can take people to places they never could have imagined. Bsdies those friends and loved ones I myself have spent the past 13 years cruising with the devil. It really is scary to think back to some of the places I went to buy, the strangers I trusted, and lengths I went to make sure, NO MATTER WHAT, I got my daily dose of pleasure. 

Over time, without even noticing there was a problem, I began eliminating more and more activities that didn't include my new girl,(Oxycontin) she made me feel invincible but when she wasn't around I felt twice as bad. This was all the hard drugs though, the social stigma attached to them somewhat forces you think a certain way. The thing with Oxy is that its basically legal heroine that can be prescribed. It absolutely does what it's supposed to do, to take away pain as quickly as possible, to ease your mind and body from the searing, sharp, throbbing pains of people....but maybe it does it's job a little too well.

 People are extremely creative and drug users are extremely resourceful. This little pill that was originally orally taken ended up being used in many many unique ways, all of which give you an even quicker release of pain, or just plain ol HIGH. All you had to do was wipe away the shell with water and then you had something completely different. That new pill could be crushed to sniff, broken to smoke, mixed with water to inject and that was only the beginning. 

I bring all of this up not to glorify it at all. I just think it helps to give a little backround to what Hamilton has went through, I'm sure he has some stories you would not believe, I mean you would literally say, BULLSHIT YOUR LYING, THAT COULDN'T HAPPEN. But i'm telling you, it's like an out of body experience, and your not in control. My heart goes out to Josh Hamilton and his family. His loving wife has stuck by him throughout all of this. She has never strayed for one minute of this trouble and if she had I doubt Hamilton ever would have picked up a bat again. I'd personally guess he wouldn't be alive still, but hopefully this one has a amazing ending we can talk about one day when explaining the dangers of using drugs, explaining why it's not cool, why our kids don't need to do it, why they can be better then we were. Story Link

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It may be priceless.....but still a shame.

Laura is right on point on this one. The problem isn't the parade itself. Or all of the trouble that the city is going through to put it in action so quickly. Forget how disrespected and insulted I feel for my father who hasn't been in the army in over 20 years, or even for my friend who came home a few years ago. Now think about how long the city of New York and every other city that has our brave men and women touching down on coming back home from their own personal nightmare that is Iraq. Throwing the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the last few years, some who lost their lives, and their families who have been wrecks since the moment they got their orders....the first, second or third time for some! And we don't even have the decency to put together a THANK YOU FOR GIVING A SHIT, THANK YOU FOR NOT SPENDING BIRTHDAYS OR HOLIDAYS WITH YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY, THANK YOU FOR RISKING SEVERE LIFE CHANGING INJURIES OR DEATH, DAMN, HOW ABOUT JUST PLAIN THANK YOU PERIOD?

But, the beloved underdog of New York, the stepchild, little brother, little train the can, wins the big one over the Team of the last decade and BANG, everyone scrambles to put on this massive celebration. I'm happy for the Giants, I think they deserve a parade, but how about someone from the uber-rich Mara family step up and say, wait, this isn't right. We want the military to have their own first, or even a guarantee they will get one in the first place. NOW THAT, WOULD BE A STAND UP THING TO DO. Or even new Hall of Fame inductee from what I'm hearing, Eli Manning could sure make a point by making a statement, which of course won't happen, he won't rock the boat, and once again those soldiers who did what they were asked to do, will slip back into their homes, a few years older, a little wiser, and hopefully to a family that will show them the time of their life with a welcome home they DESERVE.

New York City throws parade for Giants in a hurry. Iraq vets still waiting

After the Giants beat the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl, New York City celebrated with aticker-tape parade. Now that the Giants have beaten the Patriots in 2012 Super Bowl, we're getting ready for another parade tomorrow.
After U.S. troops came home from Iraq in 1991, New York City celebrated with a ticker-tape parade. U.S. troops came home from Iraq again this year. They're still waiting for a big parade in New York City or, for that matter, anywhere except St. Louis.
MasterCard calls the second Giants parade a priceless sequel. At this point, you might call a second Iraq parade mostly a petition.