Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Assisted Suicide? You think you want to pull a Dr. Jack Kevorkian?? If you got the balls, assist them in signing up for Death Race 2012!!

I have heard of the tough mudder challenge and that looked pretty extreme to me. To be honest I thought it looked really cool and thought i'd like to give it a try someday. But.....this is another whole level of extreme. This is the kind of thing that you bait that asshole that you always see bragging and showing off how tough he is into doing it. You don't dare someone you care about to enter pittsfield, Vermont on June, 15th, 2012. 

For anyone out there thinking this is for you, go ahead and post a picture and i'll let you know if you can handle a 48 hour test of endurance, strenght, mental toughness, stress, physical and mental fortitude and then most of all, YOUR MANHOOD. When your entering a race that 90% of the participants don't finish, you know your up against something series. Not the kind of thing where you hear about it when your out with friends and all sign up drunk and then start pounding the 30 rack on the ride to the start....won't make it past the first checkpoint boys. 

Train at the local YMCA with your brother and dad for a few weeks before and get back into your idea of "GAME-SHAPE"'ll be looking for a ride back to your car  when your getting that first cramp 11 minutes in and think about the next 47 hours, 49 minutes and 15 seconds of your life. Ain't gonna find a cell phone round these woods, just start yelling for your girl to get the jeep cause your going home with your head held high just for entering. That's the thing with races like these.

 The guys that are finish are the ones that are back in the junkyard picking up cars, doing their "Rocky" thing 2 weeks after the race is over as soon as the cast is off their arm and the swelling is down.....well, EVERYWHERE ELSE, counting down until the challenge they can find next. These guys are the dudes who can have a few beers with Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins and he won't be calling them pussies. 

I doubt anyone reading this could even convince themselves to sign up, let alone race. Actually, I doubt anyone even knows anyone that would....but, if there is someone checking this out for the first time and really is gonna do it, KEEP ME POSTED, I WANT TO FOLLOW UP AND DO A PIECE ON EVERYTHING BEFORE DURING AND AFTER THE "PEAK DEATH RACE" Well, if you survive that is!

Link to which is the Death Race Challege website