Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Uh Oh, someone on the Jets has Cancer?? Guess who

When you hear the C word it's almost like a swear. It's just one problem that no one wants to deal with. It comes with so much baggage such as first the mental part of it, facing the fact that it's there, it's going to be there for now and how is the best way to deal with this. The most important thing with Cancer is that you catch it early on so there is time to address it and deal with the problem before it spreads......

The New York Jets had several players that didn't play up to their capabilities or expectations. Mark Sanchez was expected to take the next step in his development and after carefully guiding them to 2 AFC championship games and losing both, once again loudmouth, confident/arrogant coach Rex Ryan declared they would be Superbowl winners....Well a team from NY did with the title, the problem is it was crosstown rival and big brother New York Giants. While their young quarterback has developed better then expected, Sanchez has plateaued. The team that led the league in both Rushing and Defense a year ago came back and was capable and even great at times but gave up way too many big plays against inferior teams. 

But, there was only ONE PLAYER ON THE JETS THAT WAS THE DEFINITION OF CANCER. He was identified early, they took a chance in signing him to begin with since he had such a checkered past and even had to sit to start off before he ever even played but they figured the talent was worth the risk.....well, if there ever was an example that sometimes you need to just walk away, it's SANTONIO "CANCER" HOLMES. Holmes had problems with more then one faction of the team at more then 1 occasion during the season and even after reportedly having meeting with coaches, players etc he finished the season the way he started it, lackadaisically giving up and blaming the problems on everyone else. 

Well, after that showing and seeing just how badly one bad apple can spoil the bunch the Jets surely were not going to re-sign him to any significant guarnateed contract if anything it would be incentive laden with team goals mapped out along with conduct bonus'. Right, I don't need your stinkin' advice, bang Jets CANCER to $15.25 MILLION DOLLARS GUARANTEED!

The Jets don't just want Cancer, THEY PAY BIG MONEY FOR IT, maybe that's it, they are cancer!? article Link

+Joshua Hastings