Monday, February 6, 2012

It may be priceless.....but still a shame.

Laura is right on point on this one. The problem isn't the parade itself. Or all of the trouble that the city is going through to put it in action so quickly. Forget how disrespected and insulted I feel for my father who hasn't been in the army in over 20 years, or even for my friend who came home a few years ago. Now think about how long the city of New York and every other city that has our brave men and women touching down on coming back home from their own personal nightmare that is Iraq. Throwing the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the last few years, some who lost their lives, and their families who have been wrecks since the moment they got their orders....the first, second or third time for some! And we don't even have the decency to put together a THANK YOU FOR GIVING A SHIT, THANK YOU FOR NOT SPENDING BIRTHDAYS OR HOLIDAYS WITH YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY, THANK YOU FOR RISKING SEVERE LIFE CHANGING INJURIES OR DEATH, DAMN, HOW ABOUT JUST PLAIN THANK YOU PERIOD?

But, the beloved underdog of New York, the stepchild, little brother, little train the can, wins the big one over the Team of the last decade and BANG, everyone scrambles to put on this massive celebration. I'm happy for the Giants, I think they deserve a parade, but how about someone from the uber-rich Mara family step up and say, wait, this isn't right. We want the military to have their own first, or even a guarantee they will get one in the first place. NOW THAT, WOULD BE A STAND UP THING TO DO. Or even new Hall of Fame inductee from what I'm hearing, Eli Manning could sure make a point by making a statement, which of course won't happen, he won't rock the boat, and once again those soldiers who did what they were asked to do, will slip back into their homes, a few years older, a little wiser, and hopefully to a family that will show them the time of their life with a welcome home they DESERVE.

New York City throws parade for Giants in a hurry. Iraq vets still waiting

After the Giants beat the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl, New York City celebrated with aticker-tape parade. Now that the Giants have beaten the Patriots in 2012 Super Bowl, we're getting ready for another parade tomorrow.
After U.S. troops came home from Iraq in 1991, New York City celebrated with a ticker-tape parade. U.S. troops came home from Iraq again this year. They're still waiting for a big parade in New York City or, for that matter, anywhere except St. Louis.
MasterCard calls the second Giants parade a priceless sequel. At this point, you might call a second Iraq parade mostly a petition.