Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Only a man who will make well over $100 million in his short playing career could actually be jealous that its someone else's turn to shine

Just yesterday I had mentioned Carmelo Anthony's backhanded slap at teammate of last year and unsigned free agent Jeremy Lin. It was a not too subtle remark about the "ridiculous" deal that Lin was offered saying that he doesn't make the decisions about whether to match offers or not, it's the teams decision.

Well, by today Mr. Melo has had a change of heart, or shall we say change of words, emphasizing that he would LOVE to see him back.....and he even threw in an "HONESTLY" at the end. OK, so we should believe that today your telling how you really feel and it's not because your public relations buddy gave you a jingle and informed you that the Lin kid is pretty popular, and not just in NY either, he's like Elvis popular as of now. 

Let me get this straight though, you make over $20,000,000 this coming season, over $22 million next and then a player option for nearly $24.5 million correct? Jeremy Lin got cut from two different teams before the season even started last year, worked his ass off just to make a roster, got a break when there was an injury and basically gave the Knicks something to play for last year by winning those 7 STRAIGHT games and giving knicks fans something to talk about again...well, other then you scoring 30 a night but taking 30 shots to get it.

Can you imagine what would have happened if while Melo was negotiating his contract that one of his teammates came out and in an interview actually said that he's being offered a ridiculous amount of money more then what he's worth and the team is obviously not making a good decision if they signed him for that? Because that is literally what his statements meant about the Lin deal being offered. How could you mean anything different? 

If the Knicks agreed and signed him to that "ridiculous" offer then your going to all of a sudden say ya, i'd love to have him back? Well, then you would have said something like..." I'm not the owner and I don't make decisions about players but if it was up to me, I think he's worth whatever he gets and he's worth every penny of it. He's a great teammate, player and I can't wait to get back to work with him so we can be better this next year as a team"