Saturday, July 21, 2012

Marketer, Coach, Friend, Leader, Veteran, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Son, WINNER.....Sounds like he won at....LIFE Article Link

Coach Mike Krzyzewski does not lose very often. He's a perfectionist, he believes that hard work and effort pay off. He's been so many things to so many different ppl it's hard to even name them all. I'm not joking either. Being a North Carolina fan your programmed to LOVE EVERYTHING TAR HEEL and DESPISE ANYTHING blue devil, DUKE or Coach K. There are thousands and thousands of fans who hate it when he wins and love seeing him lose but there's is one thing Duke fans and even UNC fans have in common....they RESPECT him.

When Coach K speaks, people listen. Just ask American Express is believe coach has an impact across the nation and what is that impact worth if you were to get his help pitching something???  Well, it's been reported that he makes over $100 thousand dollars when he speaks at conferences, camps, etc. Pretty good for a couple hours of work huh? I don't know what kinda money he's getting from the all too famous American Express television spot but I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's more then 75% of our population makes in a year and def more then I make in a year!

Coach K has an inherant recruiting advantage in my opinion with his increased exposure to the average citizen just because of his relationship with american express and when you combine that with his role as head coach of the USA olympic basketball team it's just something that other coaches across the country will never attain.  Sure college coaches often have sponsorships, many with local businesses and most with the companies that are also dealing with the university which is mandated in their contract. American Express is a national brand with a far greater reach, and much deeper pockets then the local Honda dealership which sponsors the post game highlights or something.

Before he begins focusing on his preparations for the Duke college basketball season he is back on the bench leading USA basketball to the olympics and hopefully another US Gold medal just like he did the last time around. In 2008 the team was lead by Lebron and Kobe who dominated nearly every minute of the tournament going 8-0 overall with 5-0 in the prelims and 3-0 to take home the gold, bring it back to the good ol US of A where it belongs!