Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pass it on, something all of us should think about a little more..... Article Link

Ray Horton did something I thought was very very generous. Before moving on to Arizona and the Cardinals to take over as the new defensive coordinator he stopped by the Pittsburgh Steelers facility one more time. When you work somewhere for around 20 years of your life you happen to make more then a few friends along the way. Just like when your packing up your house to move and realize you had about 10 times more shit then you ever dreamed you had, and with a team like the Steelers that are drenched in a proud family tradition, these friendships are closer then people can imagine. 

Just ask Maurice Matthews, the cafeteria worker who had been serving meals to Ray and the other coaches for decades. On his last visit before heading out of town presumably on an airplane and with a hefty raise waiting when he lands coach Horton asked a simple question, got a simple answer and i'm pretty damn sure, made it one hell of a day for one man named Maurice Matthews. After Ray asked how much money Maurice had in his pocket and Maurice answered $20, Ray spoke 1 simple word that probably sounded like a dream...."SOLD" and threw his ol buddy the keys to his 1999 Mercedes Benz SL 500 which still is selling for around $17,000.

How great of a story is that? Why can't we hear more about the great things people do to help one another instead of news filled with so much violence, political feuding, dangerous cartels entering through a border will far too little policing and too little resources to add more? The saddest thing is even when it does get reported about, it's in and not somewhere like Sportscenter or By now maybe it has been put into the news cycles for those networks and websites but my point is we hear about a DUI arrest by the time one of our millionaire hero's posts their bail money./ How about the same kind of coverage when our hometown team has players with free camps, or donates money to a local charity but doesn't want the press there, etc.

It's like we are supposed to believe that all athletes are either perfect robots and can do no wrong or they are career mastermind criminals. They are people too. They can make mistakes. They should pay the price just like any of us would, but they also should get the forgiveness just as anyone of us would want. 

I just wanted to say, hearing stories like this really makes me proud to be an american, and proud to be a fan of the NFL and the other sports available.

What's your opinion? Feel free to share, All comments are appreciated.