Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One in a lifetime find for family in DEFIANCE, OHIO

First off. No, this family didn't find a homeless teenager wandering down the street and take him in before he tried out for the football team and they discovered that he is the best middle linebacker they have ever seen, football coaches from Lane Kiffin, Steve Spurrier and Lou Holtz are not showing up during sunday brunch to convince him to go take a trip over to USC and there certainly isn't yet that quick fix diamond in the rough that only Urban Meyer saw and now will be starting at that football factory in Columbus, Ohio....

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If this turns out to be entirely genuine as many in the industry believe it really is one of those stories that you can only dream about happening to you. It's just that rare. Combine all of the factors in play here, the age of the house these collectibles were stored in maintaining it's structure when across the country everyday we hear about snow, hail, rain, floods, fires, etc causing homes to become just a distant memory along with everything inside. 

Then you have multiple generations taking up residence, making their life and having no idea that all along they are sleeping below what sports collectors consider many mint condition incredible masterpieces.  This continues for decades, through family gatherings, comings and goings and finally.....the baseball card collectibles holy grail is discovered....

I'm not going to even get into specifics of the find really except to say that cards around 100 years old aren't found very often. Cards that old that are found are almost always in pretty rough shape and occasionally someone lucks out and a few nice gems in decent condition are found.  Again though, typically, it's a total of 20 thrown in a shoe-box or maybe 30 in the back of a photo album etc etc. 

This story once again defies all logic in that there was a total of over 700 that were made around 1910. To give you a little perspective the authentication expert that has spent his life in this field noted he had seen a total of maybe 700 of this rare series card and this collection was in the best condition he HAD EVER SEEN. Now, THIS IS ONE HELL OF A COLLECTOR'S STORY!!!!