Saturday, December 29, 2012

SURPRISE!!! 2 of the countries top 5 recruits choose same school giving them the new #1 ranked class of 2013 recruits

ESPN.COM article link

John Calipari has a reputation around college basketball as a smooth, big time recruiter, a players coach who doesn't have a problem recruiting the high profile "1 and done" college basketball players that are looking for someone to get their game ready for the next level. While some coaches shy away from players that are in the spotlight regularly before even stepping on campus, garnering national attention sometimes before even becoming a teenager.

Whether they reason that its more detrimental to their program to bring guys in for only a year and then have to go through a constant rebuilding process year after year, teaching their system to a whole group of newcomers year after year as opposed to just filling in a few holes after graduation. Graduation is something that they can easily plan for, knowing the # of scholarships they will have open to make offers, with players that are teenagers having to make life altering decisions, pushing it off until the last minute possible, it makes recruiting that much more difficult. 

A job that is already time consuming, often frustrating, complicated, and difficult in general becomes something equivalent to guessing what your girlfriend heard about after the weekend bachelor party in Las Vegas. Coaches want an honest answer just as badly as that girlfriend, but players are young men, forced to choose where to possibly spend the next 4 years of their life, usually on their own for the first time, it's confusing.

Here are a few facts that are pretty straightforward and if your someone who follows sports, is being recruited by the top college basketball programs not only in the country today but also the most wins and championships in the history of college basketball, and have aspirations of lacing em up against the likes of Lebron James, there are very few programs that can compete with powerhouse recruiter/coach John Calipari and Kentucky.