Friday, December 16, 2011

Once upon a time the Colts got lucky and drafted far they're bad enough to get Luck-y again!

Whether it's God, Lady Luck, A Reward for the Loyal Fans of Indianapolis who have still managed to not only waste the gas, food+drinks, and the 4-5 hours they will never get back but the "professional" product representing their beloved Colts is an impostor. It HAS to be. They have definately been spoiled a little. Ok, A LOT. But can everyone now admit that Manning is the definition of Most Valuable Player? It's not best, or biggest statistical numbers put up, it's which player has provided the most value over the course of a year. Well, with basically the same offense and defense give or take a couple players each way Manning continually and almost robotic-ally won 12-14 games year after year after year after year and we now see what that same explosive offense looks like without the Puppet-tier under center.

 In comparison think back to that brutal injury Tom Brady suffered a few years ago against the Chiefs that ended his season before it really even started.  In came Matt Cassell and his 0 starts in the last 4 or 5 years yet at the end of the season when the dust settled the Pats still got over 10 wins I believe. Now, this isn't an MVP discussion though, I'm just giving a little background as to why Colts Nation cause hibernate till the second week of the playoffs every year.

I keep hearing about this phenom, can't miss is thrown around by talking heads who couldn't explain half the darn rules, best since Elway....You get the idea and i'm sure you have either heard it too or have been saying it too. Let's hold off on ordering the limo for his ride to Canton ok? (That's where the Hall of Fame is incase you didn't know) The last time I remember all of this hype was with that San Diego Chargers #1 pick that was fantastic right up until he took his first NFL snap. Ten of Millions spent on a signing bonus that ended up feeding that unemployed Ex-NFL Quarterback and his pain killer habit. His name was Ryan Leaf.

I wish Ryan Luck all the success in the world, personally I haven't got to watch much of him since he is on the west coast playing for Stanford so I can't really give my personal take. I just think everyone should pause and think about what your so willing to throw away before that first ballot hall of famer named Peyton Manning is out the door and across the line of scrimmage picking your defense apart. I know it was serious neck surgery. I know he was out almost the entire year now already. I also know that no one in the world will work harder or smarter then Peyton Manning to get back on that field and right about now, he's hearing all of this Andrew Luck talk and it's pushing him even harder....I know i'm not betting against #12 for the Colts.

+Joshua Hastings
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