Sunday, December 18, 2011

STOP THE MADNESS!!!! If you thought if was gonna continue you were more then @ MILE HIGH

It may have taken a lot longer then a lot of people thought. It spanned the course of 6 straight games and in just that streak Tim Tebow had engineered an amazing 4 straight 4th quarter comebacks. A lot of people didn't think Tebow could win 6 games all year, let alone 6 straight games with 3 of the last 4 coming against the Jets, Chargers and Bears. All of which were thought of to be playoff teams possibly challenging for the superbowl at the start of this crazy season.

New England made sure that they didn't have to hear anymore of this invincible, god is on his side, he's been "touched" Tebow talk anymore.....well at least not in regards to how THEY couldn't stop him. Maybe the rest of the NFL isn't ready for Tim Tebow and the spread option attack but the Patriots put up 41 points on what was considered a solid defense, and also talked about being the main reason that the Broncos were able to stay close in all those games, and staying close is what enabled Tebow to manufacture all of those crazy comebacks.

Tebow and the Broncos offense had one of those games that can't really be explained by anything other then the fact that the final score really was just about what it should have been if not for people considering this recent hot streak. The Broncos scored on their first 3 offensive possessions for a total of 16 points and then managed only 1 more touchdown the rest of the game. 

The Patriots capitalized on 2 2nd quarter turnovers and put up 20 in that period to go with the touchdown they scored in each other quarter. Once again Brady and his machine pumped out another impressive outing, while continuing too add to Aaron Hernandez's record and amazing statistical season. This time he had 9 catches for 127 yards and only 1 score. Now he has put himself solidly in the lead for most touchdowns in a season total by a tight end. Remember the Patriots still have 2 more regular season games to go, and until the completely wrap things up, don't expect Bellichek to let this finely turned machine he has get out of sync.