Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wow. Thank God. FINALLY. Phew it's over with. Now stop asking about the losing streak and if we are EVER going to win a game again.

Those are all different things that the Indianapolis Colts players could have been thinking or saying after their first win of the entire football season in week 14 finally, against the Tennessee Titans and Matt Hasselbeck.

Personally, I thought the Colts were going to win either this game or one of their last 2. You've always got a chance when you play a backup quarterback and next week the Colts match-up against the Texans and their somewhere around 4th choice at QB. Their final game is against the Jaguars who typically give the Colts a hard time, but maybe that is a Manning thing. Now i'm ABSOLUTELY NOT SAYING THE COLTS ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT PEYTON OR HAVE A BETTER SHOT AT BEATING ANYONE. But, the Jaguars and Titans play the Colts tough because of their defense. They typically have tight games against Peyton Manning and it comes down to the end. That's why I figured they would have a chance at one of those final 3 games.

Lastly, a team really does rarely go winless for the entire season. I am 28 and can't remember it happening since I have been watching football, or at least since i've been old enough to really pay attention and follow pro ball. At the end of the season playoff teams start resting players so teams are getting to play against 3rd and 4th string sometimes. Players that do play don't go all out because they want to stay healthy for the playoff run. Then again, that's EXACTLY when players get hurt. When your trying to go half speed or not really playing is when your going to pull something, or get leveled by someone your not looking for, all because it's not how your used to playing, your body isn't used to going at 30%. When during the year are you doing that? Probably not even in practice really.

As for the game it was controlled by the defense for the majority of the first half with the Colts the only team scoring in the first quarter and that was a field goal at the later stages. The second quarter was all the Titans as they managed to tie the Colts and then finish the half with twice as many total points as Indianapolis, halftime score of 6-3 with the Titans on top.

In the 2nd half the Colts managed to score twice in the third quarter with Orlovsky throwing a touchdown and then the Titans Hasselbeck getting picked off by the Colts and then it getting returned for a touchdown. That was all the Colts would need but they put up a touchdown and another field goal in the 4th while Tennessee could only manage one touchdown, and that was their only TD of the entire game.

+Joshua Hastings