Thursday, December 22, 2011

These Heels are just fine with being the team that just keeps winning while staying anonymous

It seems like this season has mirrored last in some ways down in Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Tar Heels, especially with all-american small forward Harrison Barnes. Barnes came to the Tar Heels with plenty of hype and acclaim as the #1 ranked freshmen in the country, and also became the first freshmen EVER voted to be a pre-season all-american. That in itself is a big accomplishment, and some thought that after the first 1/3 of the season they must've got an impostor.

 Harrison Barnes wasn't playing like himself, he looked like his confidence dropped more and more with every miss, was settling for shots, and was not only soft with the ball but he even looked nervous on the court, like he couldn't get comfortable with something. Even the local media that wrote those worshipping articles and continued to tout his ability with stories and stories saying, just wait, its coming, soon, you'll see..... couldn't build a relationship that could bring the real Barnes out of his shell. 

Some looking on thought he didn't get along with teammates, must be unhappy if he wasn't laughing and joking around like everyone else. But that was just it, Barnes isn't like everyone else, Barnes is a basketball junkie and even the most refined and expensive machines get bugs that need adjusting sometimes. While Barnes continued to put in hours and hours of work behind the scenes on the court instead of playing vids in his dorm room he gradually got the feel back and then the Dean Dome was the same sanctuary that his gym was back home in Iowa. He got his edge back and finally opponents started to pay when they tried to pressure him, easy buckets at the foul line caused foul trouble and more easy looks outside and by the end of the year and throughout the NCAA tournament Harrison Barnes carried North Carolina.

 Give it time, your going to see Barnes back in form again, even if it takes half the damn season, YOU WILL SEE HARRISON BARNES THAT ALL US TAR HEEL FANS KNOW AND CHEERED THE MOMENT HE DECLINED THE URGE TO GO TO THE NBA. The recent news is that he lost ground to Perry Jones and that has lost him position and money ect ect....Just wait, every GM that passes on Harrison Barnes is going to pay for it,...and that payment will be coming out of those checks for years to come, well, until they get fired for all that hurt Mr. Barnes is going to put on them on the court!