Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another year another coach says goodbye to Edwards.

Don't look now but that talented, controversial, maligned receiver Braylon Edwards has been released by the San Francisco 49ers football team


Edwards had surgery on his right knee earlier in the year and that has limited his time to work with quarterback Alex Smith to develop that relationship that it takes to really connect in the NFL on broken plays and such, the kind of relationship that you see with players like Manning and Reggie Wayne. That's believable, and i'm sure the rehab has hurt his ability to build that trust with teammates, coaches, and everyone else on the new team but still.

In Edwards short career he has bounced around from team to team and def hasn't gotten rave reviews on his way out the door. I understand the injuries are out of his control, but he's a guy that has always brought with him the whispers about dedication and work ethic. Well, don't dedication and work ethic include preparing for when you take the field too? Getting to the stadium a few hours early so you can get all of the stretching in before the rest of the pregame drills with the coaches and team is something that's important. Working out with the trainer to really build up your core muscles to prime condition so that way your at a lesser risk for injuries is another part of being a NFL player, making it to the highest levels of competition in the world.

You can't take shortcuts if you want to really be something in those leagues here in the U.S. I don't personally know for a fact what the situation is surrounding this particular injury. I don't know whether he was handling the little things to make sure he was in top physical condition. Maybe he was the leader at off-season workouts and was making it into the gym first everyday and putting in twice the work at rehab and this was just bad luck? I'm just saying there's some questions that maybe we should ask when a player that's shown so much talent and ability in flashes can't stick on a team? Why a player that showed domination at times against the best players in the world, and then against a 3rd string cornerback comes up with 1 catch for 9 yards?

I loved watching Braylon Edwards when he played at Michigan. He used to come up with 1 or 2 HUGE plays EVERY SINGLE GAME, and it wasn't like he had an NFL quarterback making pinpoint passes. It was Edwards making highlight reel catches, keeping the Wolverines relavent as they were losing group more and more to Ohio State.

Edwards needs a coach that is going to put him in the spots to thrive on a team with a proven quarterback. He needs a quarterback that is going to not baby him when he misses a team meeting or drops a pass, he's gotta know when he's in the wrong spot, he's got to hear in from his quarterback when he drops a pass but he needs that quarterback to take him aside after and show him where he's got to be. A quarterback that he's close with off the field so they can build that trust, build that bond, so that on gameday they are on the same page.

Let's hope Edwards can find a home on an NFL team......and stop just renting apartments.

+Joshua Hastings