Thursday, December 29, 2011

Red Sox trade leaves Bard stuck in 8th inning role with Andrew Bailey trade

The Boston Red Sox made their biggest roster move yet since losing Jonathan Papelbon to the Phillies with their trade of OF Josh Reddick, IF prospect Miles Head and Minor League Pitcher Ryan Alcantara for All-Star closer Andrew Bailey and OF Ryan Sweeney. 

The centerpieces of this deal were obviously Bailey and Reddick who are both expected to be used heavily with their new major league clubs. Reddick should be looking to fill a starting outfield spot with the A's losing 2 of their starting outfielders already to free agency and the third is not expected back. 

Andrew Bailey has been an all-star twice in 2009 and 2010 after winning the Rookie of the Year vote also. He's young and still in his prime at the age of 27 but has had some injury problems in the past few years after Tommy John Surgery in 2006. He's had minor problems the last two years and had a small procedure after 2010. Look for the Red Sox to go easy with Bailey this Spring after he was possibly asked to do too much too early and had a setback last year to start.

The Red Sox can't afford for Bailey to be missing regular season games while they are rebuilding their relief staff. The Yankees already picked up Hidecki Okajema who was a star with the Sox in their last world series run but has lost some of his deceptiveness now that hitters have seen him several times.

Overall I love this pick-up for the Red Sox and I think it's pretty good for the A's overall also since they are looking to get younger and rebuild again. They are always looking to keep payroll down so Reddick is certainly a great pickup after the last year he had in a reserve and fill-in roll for the struggling JD Drew.

+Joshua Hastings