Friday, December 30, 2011

Tebow Drinks Here......No Gods adopted son isn't a fall down drunk, just energy drinks for this guy!

+Joshua Hastings

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If I owned a bar in the Denver area, no, if I owned a bar anywhere in Colorado, no, if I owned a bar in the area of Denver, around Denver, around Colorado even I would be adding Tim Tebow gimmicks constantly. Everything from raffles, Tebow trivia, giveaways, naming part of menu or an item, making drink, and whatever else you can think of to take advantage of the Tebow craze while you can.

The Tim Tebow craze isn't going to last forever Denver. Who knows if he is even going to be with the Broncos next year, or the year after or long-term? Even if he leaves i'm sure he will leave a positive impression so anything Tebow won't hurt but right not it is climbing still and if they make the playoffs behind him it will only grow. 

Get it now while you still can, before the bar down the street beats you to it. This article talks about the "Shag Lounge" which posted "Tebow Drinks Here" on it's sign in big letters outside welcoming patrons to come enjoy a drink where their famous adopted son downs FRS Energy Drinks. It's a great idea but i'd imagine since they didn't change the name at all unless they asked him prior then I bet his PR people let him know it's not the best idea to seemingly promote drinking. With his squeaky clean image of a role model complete with the abstaining from sex until marriage, alcohol just doesn't fit the mold as something i'd suggest.