Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remember that guys that has such a beautiful swing??? If you have enough booze at your wedding you may be able to meet him in person it seems

Now what would we ever do if we could go a few months straight without someone in the wonderful world of professional sports past or present making a complete fool of themselves.....and someone catching it on camera, and quite possibly getting rich off their new-found paparazzi career.

That's right, future Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was in Mexico on vacation presumably and ended up on the beach, looking quite inebriated, getting awfully cozy with a few of the guests and then trying to get a little too cozy with one party-goers pregnant wife. But to each his own I say, to each his own.

Is this really news? In today's 24/7 365 news cycle, media is and has to be on top of stories happening regardless of the hour, or even place, it can be halfway around the world and if the guy that's 9th on the all time home run list falls down the stairs because he was high the reporter that breaks that story can expect to nice big pat on the back. Personally, I couldn't care less that another guy that I looked up to growing up had a few too many drinks and probably a little too much fun, as far as we know, he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. Were not hearing about the small family he killed driving back to his hotel right now or something ridiculous like that. Hopefully good ol Boggs wasn't too rude in his efforts to bed that married and pregnant women, that husband hopefully at least got a few bats and balls signed to sell on eBay for the hassle. And maybe a few bucks for the photos too. lol.

+Joshua Hastings