Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th 2011 in NBA Headline News

Peja Stojakovic will not be playing this year and has decided to retire

In the wake of Jeff Green finding out about his aortic aneurysm the Boston Celtics and coach Doc Rivers is talking about the positive over the negative. Doctors don't think the problem will be life threatening so it's possible to look forward to his return eventually but don't start the countdown just yet, this will be a drawn out process to evaluate and assess exactly what is the best way to go about everything.

Do everything small forward Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks has been listening to ALL of this NBA news everyday. It's been such a short period to get ready that free agency, trades and practice for teams has been full of surprises. The one thing that Marion doesn't think he's hearing quite enough of....respect for the title holder! At this point I think he's right that there hasn't been much talk but I don't understand why he cares. Last year they believed in themselves and as a team rallied together and took on the world together and then in the end, they were the last team standing, TOGETHER, WITHOUT GETTING MUCH RESPECT STILL! If I was on the Mavs, i'd want to just go about our business, have a solid regular season and keep all of our veterans healthy and then get ready for a deep run hopefully.

+Joshua Hastings