Friday, December 16, 2011

Riverhead school district avoids possible violence+rioting in the aftermath of hoodlums "Tebowing"

Riverhead school superintendent Nancy Carney has said she supports the administrations handling of discipline in regards to the "Tebowing" incident that nearly overtook school hallways. In what could have turned into a scary situation when these rebels began their rein of terror upon their school. As more and more of these local outlaws began to join in the debauchery the administration was forced to step in and quickly hand out suspensions before they had to take the next obvious step of declaring it a state of emergency, putting the entire school or at least that quadrant where those hooligans were "Tebowing" into lock-down so the swat team could assist the local police in their riot gear. 

It would seem that they probably wouldn't be able to invade the area if the outlaws were still summoning the powers of "Tebow", it would clearly be too much positive energy for the tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbags, and pepper spray to overcome. Thankfully, we had this administration on top of things and were not forced to start racking up the causalities. Who know's how many of these reckless animals they would have had to put down before order could be restored.

Ok, now clearly I have made a joke of it, it's something that was getting annoying i'm sure, but it's just kids being kids, no one was getting hurt, this wasn't picking on anyone.

Firstly, now guys, the first few times that first day, i'm sure it was funny. Probably were the talk of the whole school, girls were laughing, everyone was looking out their classrooms to see what you guys were doing ect ect. Well, by the 2nd day it was starting to get old i'm sure and by the 3rd day more and more of the random kids at school starting following in you guys steps because your the "cool football players". 40 kids kneeling inbetween classes is way too much, someone could trip and get hurt, I don't know about the whole "RIOT" that your superintendent had talked about but still....cut the shit, it's over.

Next, SCHOOL: Come on. Seriously? This is the most pressing thing going on? There arn't any bullies? No hazing going on with ANY of your teams? Problems with cheating on tests? How many of your students are drinking so far? how about experimenting with drugs?

All i'm saying is, if this is really one of the more serious things that happens this year at your school, WOW, I'M SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED. I'd like to think about sending my child wherever the hell that is someday. Many schools are dealing with the kind of problems I asked about. And I mean A LOT.  Actually, a lot of high schools have all those problems at once. Again, just ease up a little, talk to their parents, their coaches, make sure they know if it keeps happening then your going to have to suspend them. I bet their coach can come up with something a hell of a lot worse then staying home from school for a day. Just think about it.

+Joshua Hastings