Friday, November 25, 2011

A game that could put the finishing touches on a perfect regular season, A game that could propel Arkansas to the championship game if their offense could move the ball against one of the top defense's in all of college football and some say of all time, A game that could end that dream the Razorbacks had or rewrite all of LSU's wins by making them utterly meaningless.

LSU played an uninspired first half of football where the vaunted defense kept them close enough and the Razorbacks could only manage a 14 point edge at the half. Then it happened. It was like someone told the Tigers that there was a spot in THE big game on the line here, bang, they outscored Arkansas 41-3 in the second half. Now THAT is how you go into your conference title game, THAT is how you cement your place in THE BIG GAME, The Championship, THAT IS HOW YOU SEND YOUR SENIORS OFF THEIR LAST REGULAR SEASON GAME!

It all came down to 2 SEC teams like it often does. This year once again the SEC is BY FAR the most dominant league with the possibility of sending Alabama and LSU to the championship game even though a "rematch" is often frowned upon if other close options are possible. At this point it's hard to imagine another group that has earned their place in that title game then those of LSU/Alabama.

Now it's time to see what the BCS does with all of the craziness that has surrounded college football the last few weeks with top 5 teams falling fast and watching their title hopes crash and burn.



+Joshua Hastings