Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously? Your going to decide one of the most important decisions of your life based on that???

Summary: Basically article goes into how coaches sometimes mis-pronounce his name. The highest ranked recruit in the country, Shabazz Muhammad, who's not signed with a college yet, says this is one of his biggest pet peeves and one or twice he could overlook but if they kept doing it beyond that they'd defiantly be off his list. Duke is one of the only schools recruiting him that haven't done it at least once out of the bigtime programs.

My Take: Yes, I can understand that it's annoying sometimes, everyone has things that get to them more then other people, this may be yours, fair enough. But this decision could literally shape how your entire basketball career goes and since your shooting for playing professionally, that's your livlihood were talking about. Who cares if some 3 recruiting coach accidently mis-pronounces your name every once and a while, this is about your growing as a basketball player and developing your marketability in life on the court and in the classroom, or at least that what it's supposed to be about.

Let's be honest though, Muhammad isn't planning on staying in school any longer then necessary. If the lockout ends today and they recind the age limit, he's entering next years draft up against one of the strongest draft classes I can remember in a LONG LONG time. Sit down, think about the system the team runs, does it fit your style of basketball? If it dosen't don't try to fit a square into a triangle can go anywhere in the country. Find where you feel most comfortable, where the players were happy, and the coach runs a system you like and can picture yourself fitting into with the players that will probably be there.

+Joshua Hastings