Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That defensive Coor/Pedophile brought the King down with him and now more of his dirty secrets seep out

Summary: Vicky Triponey was the Penn State standards and conduct officer from 2002-2007 which basically meant she oversaw the diciplinary process and was presented with both sides of the case when it was alleged that a student broke the schools code of conduct. Over time she felt she got less and less support from the president of the university Graham Spanier, which was the other casualty of the latest Penn State scandal with Paterno. This all came out after the Wall Street Journal obtained an email correspondence between the president and Triponey where she's basically told that Paterno feels he should be the one making decisions about his players and soon after there was a meeting which became heated and she was told the football players cases need to be resolved in a way that doesn't involve reporting the outcome to the public or the authorities so as not to effect their practice or playing in games.

My Take: For the Standards and Conduct Officer at any perrenial big-time college campus to have any real ability to level the playing field for all students they need to know they have the full support of the President, the board of trustees, and the athletic director. All students should know that she can't be swayed by a coach's email or by some donor asking a favor, they need to know that her ruling is FINAL AND IT HAS TEETH, if found guilty of a serious offense they will be suspended from school, kicked off team, suspended games, something that will actually show them they did something wrong. It's ridiculous when you have these players getting away with varying offenses of crimes and other violations of the code of conduct and they get "written warning" or community service for 4 hours and some coach signs off that they did it or whatever. Who does that teach a lesson to? Yeah maybe it teaches the football players something, teaches them that they are not accountable for their actions and as long as they continue to show the ability on the field they can do whatever they want off it.....

There is also an ESPN outside the lines segment they did which had Ms. Triponey on and she didn't get into specific violations by the football team but did say there were SEVERAL SERIES offenses committed and espn's staff investigated pennsylvania public records and found that between 2002-2008 there were 42 different players arrested and a total of 163 counts against them on those charges. 42 DIFFERENT PLAYERS ARRESTED???? 163 CRIMES????? THATS A 6 YEAR PERIOD PEOPLE, I FIGURE A LOT OF THESE ATHLETE FACTORIES WILL TURN THEIR BACK TO SOME LITTLE STUFF AND THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BUT THAT'S INSANE.....



+Joshua Hastings