Friday, December 9, 2011

Continuing knee problems forcing Blazers star to call it quits

With so many huge stories coming out daily, hourly, seemingly nearly every other minute in the sports world maybe this one got lost in the shuffle a little but for a promising young career to end is sad. The way that it ended though makes it a step beyond sad, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more genuine, respectful, professional player. 

Through the rehab, comeback, losing his starting job, the wins, the loses, the whispers, the articles, the questions and then repeat Brandon Roy has continued to support his teammates, say the right things(99%) of the time, and come in and give a spark off the bench when his number was called. At this point in his career there no longer is an explosive, athletic, bruising sharpshooter that could post up any guard the defense threw at him or shoot that smooth jumpshot over the bigs that were too slow to guard him. For a reason we will never know many of the qualities that made him a star have been robbed from him seemingly all at once when the problems began. 

We all kept hoping that with his hard work and dedication of course he'd come back, maybe even better then ever, why not? Look how hard he was working, he's doing everything asked of him and more! He's doing all that rehab work and still cheering on his team every night, waving a towel on big plays, guiding the younger players who were holding his spot in the lineup. Who would've thought that he was guiding the men who would eventually replace him for good? 

My best wishes go out to Brandon Roy, you really were one of my favorite players and I loved watching you in that last playoff game. We all got to see why you were so loved by coaches and players. Shooting that silky smooth jumper, throwing dagger after dagger and still smiling, that's how i'll remember Roy, how about you??