Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As the re-named Marlins, now referred to as the Miami Marlins move into their new ballpark they have so far made the biggest splash in free agency as well. First they signed a solid all-star closer in Heath Bell and then just yesterday signed the top of the order short stop in Jose Reyes. Reyes was probably the 3rd biggest name in free agency behind Albert Puljos and Prince Fielder who are both power hitting superstar first basemen that will command far more money then that of Reyes and his $106 million. The thing is, the Marlins aren't done yet, after making an initial 9 year contract offer to Puljos at their initial meeting the Marlins are now said to have made a new 10 year offer just today. Looks like the team with a new ballpark and a new name would like a whole new group of players to mix in with their own talent such as pitcher Josh Johnson and shortstop Hanley Ramirez. It's been said that the plan is to move Ramirez to 3rd base to make room for Reyes but at this point, we haven't heard much from the all-star Marlins shortstop about his real feelings on the matter, for what its worth the Marlins ownership says that he's ok with it.

What could be the biggest pick-up for the Marlins this off-season could be acquisition of Spanish speaking Ozzie Guillen. Guillen is know as a tough hard working manager that goes all out for his players, due to his background in the game he is respected when he talks but sometimes speaking his mind gets him in a little hot water. Between the foul language on live television broadcasts to calling out opposing teams, players, ownership, fans and anyone else that gets in his way his straightforward attitude has its positives and negatives obviously.