Friday, December 9, 2011

Mark Cuban tries to build Championship Mavs2.0 with same blueprint

At this point it looks like the Mavericks will go with last years backup Brendon Heywood to replace Tyson Chandler who is now a New York Knick. There shouldn't be much of a dropoff in offensive production in any real noticeable way but where that could really show up is on the defensive end and in the locker room where Chandler has a reputation for accountability and intensity. When he walks into the Knicks locker room he may want to bring in some visual aides like graphs, photos, and some video maybe because no one has confused any of the recent New York teams with anything resembling a hard nosed get in your face defensive squad. Put it this way, your more likely to see the Knicks out on the break 5-0 with the entire team cheating then have all 5 players in the paint on the glass when a shot goes up.

Where Mark Cuban is getting creative is by trying to reunite his all-star point guard with the once high-flying, shot taking, if he's hot shot making, slam dunk champion, Vince Carter. At this point in his career Carter isn't anywhere near the player he once was when he played for the Raptors or the Nets while winning that amazing slam dunk contest. Injuries have ravaged him of his signature athleticism and leaping ability but he still can make shots and would be a great addition for a spark off the bench possibly.

What do you guys think???