Friday, December 9, 2011

Say your offered $14 million to work for the next 5 years guaranteed, sound acceptable to you???

Well, it sounds more then ok to me, it sounds like a dream come true, add in the fact that my "job" would be pitching in the A.L. East against teams like the Yankees and Red Sox and I don't even think I could dream it. Then again, i'm not Matt Moore.

Matt Moore is a left-handed pitcher who at last count was ranked as the 2nd best prospect in  the entire minor leagues to only phenom Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. Moore dominated both double a and triple a with ease last year and was called up with much of the same expectations and same type of results. Between double A and triple A his record was 12-3 with a 1.92 ERA. Then pitched 10 innings in the ALDS against the Texas Rangers only allowing 1 earned run.

The total contract actually includes 3 additional years that are team options with escalator clauses attached to games started along with innings pitched and including those years the contract could jump up to just over $40 million. Pretty good for a kid that will be entering only his 2nd major league season. The deal is a record for the largest amount of guaranteed dollars and potential dollars for a player with less then 2 years service time.

Another great story of the Rays building their team from within and locking up talent early before players start testing arbitration and free agency. Could be another talented young staff of pitchers ready to have a break-out season. Who knows, it could happen again, watch out Red Sox and Yankees, here come the Rays.....AGAIN!