Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jose Reyes was just introducted as the biggest(and most expensive) free agent signing ever but is this the right play?

Jose Reyes hasn't even officially been on the Marlins for 24 hours and it's already shaping up to be a rocky start because of incumbant all-star shortstop Hanley Ramirez. The way the Marlins went about aggressively persuing and then signing Reyes it looks as if they didn't cover all their bases(pardon the pun, sorry). The way they've responded it looks like they didn't expect any real problem with having to move Hanley to 3rd, now it's pretty clear they should have. 

Ramirez is now pretty clear in his desire to continue to play shortstop and with Reyes just signing a contract for over 100 million I doubt they are going to make him fit into another position when he's clearly a defensive upgrade over Ramirez and this past year even batted better...but in the long-run i'd think that the batting numbers will even off or show Ramirez ahead as long as he continues to develop the amazing raw talent that saw him playing full time in mlb from such a young age.

Now, if you read the link and the comments just about fans from every team in baseball can think of some trade to take Mr. Ramirez off the Marlins hands and are more then happy to put him at shortstop whether it means moving their all-star already there or not. I saw one that suggested the red sox trade Adrian Gonzalez AND the Red Sox top minor leaguer. I can promise you this, the red sox won't be trading gonzalez ANY TIME SOON, and sure as hell not for a error prone shortstop(with a over .300 lifetime BA or not). Especially when they have a kid that's coming up within the next year possibly thats already an above average major league player in the field. 

Would I like the sox to trade for him? Sure, I say maybe Youkilis and some prospects and then put Lowrie at 3rd and we've got our bridge until our prospect pans out, or if Ramirez straightens out his swing we can always re-sign him and have a gold glove prospect to trade, either way is cool with me. But wait, this is ALL SPECULATION! Would teams want Hanley? Absolutely! But, the Marlins are going to try and just hope that he gets comfortable with 3rd and winning some games pacifies him a little before they trade a big piece of their future. But we can always dream right guys?

+Joshua Hastings