Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buehrle in and Puljos out in a span of 29 minutes.....

It took 29 minutes between the espn report surfacing that the Marlins were prepared to move on from Albert Puljos since he hasn't accepted there latest serious offer and the announcement by espn that confirmed Mark Buehrle has signed to be a veteran leader on a staff with many young and developing possible stars in the making.

While Buehrle is no where near the star that Puljos is, what Buehrle can do is take the ball and pitch every 5th day and give you a solid 200+ innings of work, 12-14 wins and a great guy in the clubhouse. I initially didn't believe the Miami Marlins were serious about signing Puljos but after the last few days I can see that they are really trying to be competitive with the big names in MLB and put a winner on the field for the fans. This is really the first time they have went out tried to bring in a free agent.

A for effort so far Miami and as far as actual results i'd have to say B as of now. Jose Reyes would have been a fantastic pick-up if you had spoken to incumbent all-star shortstop, Hanley Ramirez. Without Ramirez on board and all-in the team isn't going to be serious contenders. He's the longest tenured player on the team and is the best position player by far as well as offensive leader. I'd imagine that he'll have a quick transition to 3rd base once he sits back and thinks about everything and embraces it. A little bit of stroking his ego and letting him know that you still love him and no one is replacing him, they are just trying to give him some help. He'll be happy with the move eventually, we hope.

What do you think, does Ramirez have a right to be mad or is he being selfish and the Marlins didn't have to run anything by him, they are the owners and he is a player.