Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time to take our medicine Tar Heels faithful

Carolina showed up at Rupp Arena to play on Saturday afternoon, Kentucky met them head on and when the dust settled, the 24,398 fans who came to see a basketball game left with one of those "ESPN Instant Classic's"  burned in their memories forever. The game was hyped as much as any regular season game I have ever seen, and i've been watching college basketball since around 1988. Carmelo Anthony's run to the title is now something of Syracuse legend as the freshmen let the entire team get up on his shoulders and he carried them with each game becoming bigger then the last yet that can't even come close to how the Carolina vs. Kentucky was broke down into individual matchups, team experience vs team recruiting talent, coach vs coach, home court advantage vs road warriors, every inch of this game was explained 9 ways to sunday before the tip came and I still can't get over the exponential ways it became so dissected. Fans across the country jumped in and I heard so many different meaningless statistics it was more then funny but that's just it, this all was brought out by the historic showdown of national powers in all phases of college basketball. The top two universities in wins, two of the best 3 or 4 recruiters in the country, and the same goes for those coaches overall. Yes they always will get top tier talent because of the name on the front of the jersey; but when those coaches turn a kid who was pretty good but not supposed to be as great as the rest of the class into a first round pick of some NBA franchise that's magic just waiting to happen.

Not time to panic, and this could be the time we look back on after a championship year and say the team needed to feel what a loss was like to see they weren't invincible against ANY opponent. As good as they are 1-6/7 if they come out and play lackadaisical and let the game stay close, anything can happen. The longer a team finds a way to stay within 5-10 points the better they feel and the more they build momentum.

Hopefully this is just the one loss in a special year.

+Joshua Hastings