Monday, November 28, 2011

Ohio's long lost son is coming home to papa.....with 2 titles in his back pocket

Following 1 year away from the glitz and glamour of big-time college football at Florida where he had established once again the Gators as a national power and recruiting machine with the help of Mr. Everything, Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer has done what the entire world said he was going to do and accepted the head coaching job at Ohio State. 

Meyer is from Ohio and with Jim Tressell's untimely fall from grace it made perfect sense that he take this job and the cat was let out of the proverbial bag weeks ago, but Meyer continued to play the game of semantics and "I have not been offered the head coaching job, i'd have a big decision to make IF i was offered the job, blah now he can finally put his Clintonesque speeches behind him and start re-building the machine once again.

The name Ohio State will bring in a few recruits, the name Urban Meyer will bring in a few more, but rivals are going to be pounding away at the possible sanctions, how damaging it could be to their future career choices, how's it's a rebuilding process instead of a power and various other gimmicks to lead them astray. 

Don't get me wrong, Ohio State is going to get back to the top of the league and should be a perennial top 10 team once Meyer gets his system in place and the players that fit it...but 1 recruiting class isn't going to show up on the doorstep and Tebow you to a win over the LSU's + Bama's of the world. The SEC is still the top dog and will probably always be, it's a gauntlet of the best recruits, with the best coaches, best facilities, programs, teams and games. In 3 years I hope to see some great battles between Michigan's Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer's boys at Ohio State because the winner of that may get a shot at whoever comes out standing at the end of the SEC championship!

What a difference 4 days can make in the college football landscape, above is espn's article on meyer denying he's been offered the job and below is the espn story on meyer officially taking the job. Good thing that Ohio State did the right thing and kept all of this quiet, it's not like they were disrespectful to that guy actually coaching the team this season. The guy who got his "Dream Job" after patiently waiting his turn, and navigated through the choppy waters that came with Tressell's scandal, players motivation and concentration, and keeping the recruiting machine moving as well as could be expected or better.

 I'd like to say something to "that guy", Luke Fickell, good job. Seriously though, I can't imagine how difficult that whole circus must have been, and for that to be your first expeirance as a head coach, you really kept things together and I hope you land on your feet with whatever happens next....

+Joshua Hastings