Thursday, December 1, 2011

CP3 could be the next star to "request"/whine/bitch/pout and lastly demand their way out of town

+Joshua Hastings

First it was Chris Paul could be on the market for the right price even though New Orleans didn't want to let him go because his contract was running out and he planned to test the free agent market anyways so the team needed to get something before he pulled "a lebron" and defected. Then it was the Hornets were listening to all offers and were in the process of deciding what trade value Paul had with a year before he could opt out on his current deal. Next we heard the Celtics weren't shopping Rhondo but as Danny Ainge always says, no player is untouchable so he will always listen to make sure he does his due diligence. Within hours I heard how Boston was aggressively persuing the point guard in a package to deal Rondo because of the aging stars around him paired with the fact Ainge doesn't believe he can build a championship team with Rondo as the "core".

After all the twists and turns became public it comes out through an ESPN reporter, Chris Broussard, that if the Celtics made the trade it would be useless/only a 1 year rental because Paul didn't plan on signing a long-term deal in Boston regardless because he wanted to play with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on the Knicks. WHAT? No love for the Celtics? Seriously the Knicks, you want to play for one of the worst owners, of the worst teams, and overall worst franchises over the last decade or more. Yes, the Knicks have amazing fans and then add in the historic nature of Madison Square Garden and i'm sure it's a thrilling place to play, but until New York puts some good complimentary players around their stars and starts playing defense their NOT WINNING ANYTHING! NOTHING. PROBABLY NOT EVEN A PLAYOFF SERIES AGAIN.

Don't tell me Paul wants to go somewhere to win or he wouldn't be talking the New York Knicks. It's just more and more lies and bullshit with another super-star player and the arrogance of these NBA players is disgusting to see year after year. Go to where you have the best chance to win, go play for Boston, show you can just fit in on a winner instead of being the big fish in a small pond on a loser. If you really don't trust the Celtics are going to be a contender for long and don't want to be part of a rebuilding process that's fair, just sign a 3 year deal or something along those lines. You'll get the best of what the team has to offer, a nice chunk of money and then be in line to hit one more huge payday before your career starts to decline. Once you have a ring or two then your legacy is already molded to that of a champion and you can go play with your friends in NY without all of this bullshit. You'll be free to roam the clubs, bars, restaurantes, and other high-end tourist spots night after night with 100 mill already banked and still ready to cash a few more checks with NY.