Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carolina's loss to UNLV witnessed by the man who can bring the Runnin' Rebels' back to the top!!!


Shabazz Muhammad witnessed first hand the North Carolina slip-up seen round the world. The Tar Heels once again came into a game and were outrebounded by an inferior opponent, were atrocias at the foul line, couldn't shoot their way out of a game of horse, and ended up with the first loss in what could be a banner season. 

While Roy isn't in the running for Muhammad's services himself, he could have played his way into being a big part of his decision of where to attend college. Some say that signature win by UNLV could be "THE MOMENT" that was needed to stamp their program in his mind. Some say that it's nothing more then 1 game out of 30-40 played in a college season and it won't have anymore effect then reading the box scores of all the other program prospects on his list. One things for sure though, whether that win does "it" for Shabazz or not, it's going to catch the eye of some recruit, somewhere, sometime, and going to have a positive effect on a program that needs it. Rice is in his first year coaching and wants to get back to playing the uptempo style that brought excitement to campus many years ago and seemed to leave with Jerry Tarkanian and the scandals. 

Now back to UNC. Tar Heels fan hope this loss brings a sense of urgency to the talented team that steps on the court tomorrow night against the Badgers in the ACC/BIG 10 Challenge. With Harrison Barnes nursing an ankle injury suffered the other night against UNLV the doubters are getting louder and louder all over the country. Bo Ryan always brings a tough, defensive minded team that's ready to play so this will be Carolina's biggest challenge to date. They can't be looking ahead to Big Blue and Kentucky who are holding the #1 ranking until Carolina re-establishes themselves around the country. Let's 
hope we see a little more toughness out of Roy's Boy's and all will be calm in Chapel Hill, FOR NOW!


On a side note, i'd really like to see a little more pt for freshmen J.P Hairston to spread the floor a little. Maybe it's worth a look in the starting lineup. Reggie Bullock is streaky so if his shot isn't going hopefully Hairston can eat up a few more minutes, especially if Barnes can't go tonight. It'd be useless to bring him back too quick this early in the season, I want the All-American at 100% so let's be cautious off the court, because we CAN'T BE TAKING IT EASY ON IT.

+Joshua Hastings